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PROS & CONS, new breakfast news forum

The latest breakfast news forum with a difference, PROS & CONS - Breakfast Inter-Action, will open this Thursday, August 13, 2015, 9:00 - 11:00 a. m. at the Aberdeen Court, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City! The special guests/panelists are former Sen. Eddie Ilarde, Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) USEC Rommel L. Garcia and Permanent member ASEC and Deputy Executive Director for Administration Amador  S. Pabustan; Lito B. Soriano, Chairman and President of the Recruitment Solutions Corp., Sultan Shariff Ibrahim Albani, Manny SD. Lopez, and the Philipines' Nostradamus, Danny Atienza. (Photo left, Ilarde) 

The two DDB officials will discuss the proliferation of illegal drugs and what the government is doing to effectively reduce it. Lito Soriano (right photo) will discuss why OFWs are still being continuously mulcted by some government agencies by charging for unnecessary services, and why they are also still being looked down upon by government agencies which are supposed to protect them. (Albani, left photo, below, Lopez) 

Manny Lopez will explain why he is against the passage of the BBL even as Sultan Albani will explain how to obtain a lasting peace for the country! Danny Atienza, the country's Nostradamus, will open our eyes to what is in store for us during this political season! The "PROS & CONS is in cooperation with Mass-Com Guild Strategies, Inc., whose founding president is yours truly, a veteran journalist, author and movie director and scriptwriter. (Posted August 10, 2015)

CCW to file direct bribery and corruption charges vs 20 senators, 180 congressmen!

Well-known lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas, founder and chairman of the Citizens Crime Watch (CCW) has announced that the Citizens Crime Watch will file this week at the Supreme Court direct bribery and corrupt charges against 20 senators and 180 congressmen!

From a report published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 2, 2014, the 20 senators who received funds from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court are: Senate President Franklin Drilon, P100 Million; Francis Escudero, P99 M; Juan Ponce Enrile, P92 M; Senators Antonio Trillianes IV, Manuel Villar, Bong Revilla, Loren Legarda, Lito Lapid,  Jinggoy Estrada,  Alan Cayetano, Edgardo Angara, Ralph Recto, Vicente Sotto III, Serge Osmena, Gringo Honasan, and Pia Cayetano, P50 Million each.

Joker Arroyo, P47 Million; Koko Pimentel, P45.5; TG Guingona, P44 Million, and Francis Pangilinan, P30 Million. Each senator had a yearly P200 million pork barrek a year, and congressmen had P70 Million pork barrel until both were also declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

Villegas, grandson of national hero Gen. Miguel Malvar, made the announcement during the Friday regular breakfast news forum (July 4, 2014) hosted by Erick San Juan at the Rembrandt hotel where he guested with other panelists.

CCW and the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption VACC) now headed by Bubot Dino as chairman (Photo, left), have been gathering evidences against the lawmakers who are targets of the soon-to-be filed charges.

Villegas explained that a dirct bribery is committed when a public official agress to commit a crime or an illegal act on the promise on the promise of a gift or privilege to benefit personally the public official. "That will be the nature of the complaint we will file," the CCW boss stressed. "If we succeed, the accused will be automatically suspended. Then there will be no more need to abolish Congress, because there will be no more senators and congressmen!" Villegas added that about 200 trial lawyers, among the best in the Philippines and members of the Trial Lawyers Association have volunteer to prosecute the complaints!

Lawyer Villegas also gave hint that a senator appears to turn whistleblower against his fellow senators. Two congressmen are also signing an affidavit to testifying the veracity of the direct bribery.

The direct bribery arose from the P100 million given to Senate Pres. Frank Drilon and P50 million given to each 20 senators, and P15 million given to each of the 180 congressmen. (Forum host Erick San Juan, photo, right)

The source of the money is the Disbusrement Acceleration Program (DAP) which has been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (SC).

The amount was given as a reward to the 180 members of the House Representatives for indicting then Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona, and the amount given to the senators was their rewards for finding Corona guilty and therefore was impeached!

Bubot Dino, VACC chairman, said that there were even congressmen who shameless disbursed their DAP to non-existing students or non-existing schools!

Dino added that "it's our golden apportunity to also charge the president for impeachment for his P172 billion DAP which is now declared unconstitutional by the Suoreme Court." (Posted July 5, 2014) 


Will the U. S. ever come to our rescue vs China?

The answer is no? This will never happen! This is the absolute answer of Ferdie Pasion, an international political observer and analyst!

Millions of American families are now residing in China, according to him. Hundreds of American factories or their branches are also now relocated in China, bolstered by American professionals. Some American universities have also now their branches in China!

Why should the US fight China only because of us? Never! according to Ferdie Pasion. (Photo, left)

The China and the US have close relationships, Pasion stressed.

He made the statements during the regular Friday (June 20, 2014) breakfast news forum at the Rembrandt hotel where he was a guest panelist, together with Manny Lopez.

Veteran broadcaster and columnist Erick San Juan hosts the forum. (Photo, right)

Pasion explained that when an island is part of a country's baseline, it belongs to that country. The Kalayaan and Panatag shoals were parts of Philippine territory, but by an act of Congress during the administration of former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, those two islands were taken off from Philippine territory. They now rightfully belong to China, given in a silver platter by the act of our Congress. Hence, we shall lose in any international court which may hear our complaint against China.

Pasion recommended that an act of treason should be filed against former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo!

He also revealed that where there are big supplies or sources of oil, the US tends to destroy that country, like what has been done in the Middle East. The US hates competition. It also destroys infrastructure because there is big money in reconstruction! (Posted June 21, 2014)

Coconut industry losing to infestation, gov't inaction hit!

The Philippine coconut industry is losing to infestation at a fast rate, but the government has been so inutile in solving the problem, according to TiTo Osias (photo, left), a coconut industry advocate!

Osias, who guested at the regular Friday breakfast news forum at the Rembrandt hotel, said that the government was extremely slow in giving its attention to the coconut infestation.

Osias added that the infestation began in 2010, affecting coconut tress in the CALABARZON, or Calamba, Bataan, Rizal and Quezon provinces. The infestation is spreading at 15 kilometers a month!

The government, of course, with a budget of P20 Million. made a study of the infestation for a year or two, and then came up with a solution through the use of insecticide!

They, the Philippine Coconut Authority and other government agencies, got a budget of P700 Million for the purchase of insecticide!

"It's another opportunity to pocket some money," Osias stressed. He strongly deplored the use of insecticide which will affect the health of living beings, including plants, insects and birds, and particularly human beings. He cited the warning of the government that once the insecticed is injected into the trunk of the coconut tree and sprayed on its leaves, people must not go near the coconut tree!

He added that the best solution is organic, like the use of kawkawwati leaves!

There were 340 million coconut trees, but Yolanda destroyed 30 million. In the CALABARZON area, two million coconut tress have been destroyed.

"I believe we should not be relying on the government," Osias warned. "We to take the initiative." (Forum host Erick San Juan, photo right

 Asked if the controversial coconut levy could be of help, Osias said the multi-billion money which legally and morally belongs to the coconut farmers remains a dream. "Several very influencial people are eyeing for the money, and as such, the return of the coconut levy fund will never be realized!" (Posted June 14, 2014) 

The Philippines losing its sovereignty, territorial integrity?

From some indications, the Philippines has long been losing its sovereignty and territorial integrity!

An observer said that ipso facto, the Chinese have already occupied the Philippines for quite sometime already, lording and controlling almost all forms of businesses, big or small! (Former Sen. Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel, left photo)

With the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) recently signed with the United States, the country has practially surrendered its sovereignty over to U. S. military forces. With the EDCA, the US military has access to all Armed Forces of the Philippines' military bases!

Radio Broadcaster Mel Chavez said that he has seen American military officers lording over an AFP communications command center in Camp Aguinaldo!

In fact, long before the EDCA, American military personnel have been seen around in AFP military bases. What's the meaning of this? Your guess is as good as mine!

Former Senator Aquilino "Nene" Pimentel, who was one of those who voted for the abolition of the then U.S. military bases agreement with the Philippines, said that the situation now is different. "We need allies to help us, especially now that we have a controversy with China over ownership of islands in the West China Sea."

The former senator also stressed that "we are not in a position to use force. We can only afford to go to the United Nations to appeal for a resolution of the problem." (Lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas, photo, left)

He added that the Americans are interested in the problem bacause there must be a freedom of navigation along the concerned areas, and that would also benefit us!

Lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas, who also guested in the same forum, said that we must continue our appeal to the UN though China refuses to join the Philippines before the world body to resolve the issue. Mike Abe, chairman of the Liga ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas. eloquently presided over the forum.

On the ipso facto Chines occupation of the Philippines, Pimentel said that he was informed of the presence of so many Chinese who cannot even speak a bit of Tagalog but they are now working as sales people in Binondo and in other parts of Metro Manila and even in Banawe, Quezon City where they have a gate and arc erected to proclaim that the area is definitely theirs! (Mike Abe, right photo above)

Practically all the biggest businesses, or even the lowly sari-sari stores are owned by Chinese. Commercial Chinese establishments, even high-high rise buildings or skyscrapers, are owned by Chinese businessmen!

On the controversial "Napolist, Villegas revealed that the name of Senate President Frank Drilon was deleted! In some alleged exposes, Drilon was called "Bondying," according to Villegas, in the same manner that Tanda, Pogi and Sexy mean Enrile, Bong and Jinggoy. (Posted June 7, 2014) 

ATIN launched to fight corruption, political dynasties!

ATIN, which means Alliance for Truth, Integrity and Nationalism, has been launched, primarily to fight corruption, political dynasty and to field a complete slate of candiates, from the presidential to the local governments during the national and local elections in 1016! ATIN, headed by Ricardo Penson (photo, right) as its spokesperson, said:

"We now launch a people's alternative, our alternative. It is OURS. ATIN - Alliance for Truth, Integrity and Nationalism. It is the alliance that will end traditional politics. It is the alliance that will end elitist monopoly of political power. Its is the alliance that will end political dynasties of the ruling elite in this country!"

Thus said the statement of ATIN which was presented during the regular Friday Breakfast News Forum at the Rembrandt hotel and hosted by veteran broadcaster and columnist Erick San Juan.

"For centuries, our country and our people have been hapless victims of social and political order that cater only to the interests and caprices of the few. For so long, we have witnessed how successive governments, from the national government in Manila to local governments in far-flung areas, have squandered their mandates to serve the people, and instead, have plundered their the nationa's wealth for personal and selfish gains.

"Economy grows but unemployment and poverty remain high!" Thus the ATIN statement stressed.

Talking about nationalsm as an integral part of ATIN, Penson said: "Nationalism should come from the heart. It should be a basis for selecting your home. You make the Philippines your home. You keep it clean. You make sure the system works.

"You do not partake in what makes it a rotten place to live in. Nationalism does not mean going out into the street and fighting every single issue.(Forum host Erick San Juan, photo, right) It is making your own move to make sure that issues do not get out of hand. Make sure that issues are contained within your capacity to contain that issue, such as issues on corruption and distrust on the police."

Penson also stressed: "There's no more real opposition in the country. Everybody is beholden to Malacanang. One senator, for instance, has already become an expert from jumping 'over the bakod' so to speak. The one who holds the purse control the people, and it's no longer Congress that controls the purse; it's already Malacanang.

"From 1969 to the present, none of those who sat in power ever did give true service to the majority of the people. Even the Senate now is strangely quiet, not even the talkative Loren (Legarda) and those who love to see their faces on TV, because they are already scared their names might be included in the list of 19 senators included in the pork barrel scam," Penson said.

Meanwhile, Johnny Chang, who also guested at the breakfast news forum, said that current government policy is anti-local business. He deplored the fact that foreign investors are being given a tax holiday, a privilege which is not given to local investors. (Johnny Chang, left photo) 

"Government policy must be pro-Filipino," Chang stressed. "Buy Filipino products, give incentives to Filipino businessmen. It's the government which is making it difficult for local businessmen. Take the case of the changing of official receipts. Imagine how much additional and unnecessary expenses local businessmen have to incur to change their official receipts!"

Chang also said that Meralco has been fooling its own consumers who are being mercilessly charged with higher rates! He also stressed that the Comelec is the most "shamless institution" in the country!

ATIN's vision follows:

R- Restore sacredness in public service and governance; E - Establish a modern and dignified Filipino nation; B- Build a country that produces its own durable goods; U- Undertake popularization of ownership of resources and what we consume; Ip Insitute a lasting peace based on justice and equality; L- Live our loves in accord with Faith, and D- Deinstitutionalize all vestiges of colonial and feudal arrangements! (Posted April 25, 2014) 

Enhanced coconut processing to solve economic woes of coconut farmers!

The average coconut farmer, earns at least P10,000.00 a year, or roughly P25.00 per day! There are 3.4 million of them, working in a total of 3.5 million hectares spread out nationwide. They represent the largest sector of Philippine agriculture, and they are the poorest!

That, is the gist of "The New Fresh Cococnut Industry," a position paper written by Jun Castillo, president, Philippine Coconut Society. He presented that paper during a breakfast news forum hosted by Erick San Juan at the Rembrandt hotel!

To emancipate the coconut farmers from their severe economic woes, Castillo advocated the adoption of FRESCO, or Fresh Coconut Processing and each coconut farmer will earn more.

In a similar vein, Tito Osias, conven0r of the Balik Probinsya Program, said that coconut farmers, or any other farmer, will soon be earning more with the processing of coconut juice into wine, and this is what the Philippine Firewater Distillers, Inc. is now doing. "We will be needing more workers," Tito Osias said.

He urged that farmers who are now ekking a living in Metro Manila should go home to their provinces and join the new coconut industry - distilling "lambanog" into wine.

Tito Osias added that the wine, "Lakan Premium Lambanog" will soon be competing with whisky, brandy and vodka. The first exports will be undertaken within the middle of this year.

Jun Castillo said that the Fresh Coconut Processing Station is community-based farmers-owned processing facility. There will be numerous processing stations, and each station can earn for the farmers P10 Million a year.

Francis Yuseco, (left photo)who also guested in the same breakfast news forum, is also advocated "Reverse Migration," or enticing metropolis residents to go back to the provinces where they can establish better income-producing enterprises. This program complements the "Balik Probinsya Program" and the New FRESCO Coconut Industry. Yuseco said that the main purpose of Reverse Migration is to rechannel the entirely unnecessary billions of subsidies  on a yearly basis which are used to ensure the profit motives of the Light Rail Transits being already abandoned by more enlightened governments.... the ultimate goal of thise reverse policy is to bring home our heroic overseas workers who have been unfairly sacrificing their families in order to uplift our non-industrial and marginally agriculture producing country (Right photo, forum host Erick San Juan) .(Posted February 4, 2014)

Dr. Quintos: New education, New economics, New government

Dr. Rolando N. Quintos, chairman of the PNI Management Phils. Inc., said that among the best  solutions to the country's problems are New Education, New Economics, and New Government!

Dr. Quintos made the statement during the regular Friday breakfast news forum, hosted by Erick San Juan, held at the Rembrandt hotel, January 14, 2014.

He deplored the additional two years for elementary and high school grades which are just ploys for more expenses to benefit big business. Instead, students should be taught as early as possible on how to become entrepreneurs themselves. He revealed that he stopped his children from pursuing a college course and told them to become businessmen! They became highly successful entrepreneurs!

We should adopt the Chinese style of life. Many of them arrived in the Philippines very poor, but they worked hard, buying and selling discarded newspapers and empty bottles, and now they dominate practically all business enterprises in the Philippines, like building giant shopping malls, such as   the Mall of Asia! (Right photo,  forum host Erick San Juan)

Dr. Quintos is an advocate of agricultural biodiversity, or multicropping. Farmers earn more with high-value crops, and thus, do not depend only on the planting of palay.

Dr. Quintos is the author of a "Five-Step Formula For Success," stressing that the progress of the nation depends greatly on individuals who attain success through their personal initiatives without government meddling or intervention.

The government must not engage in business, he stressed; it must leave to private entrepreneurs! And the Social Security System (SSS), the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), and of the like in government must be converted into cooperatives

Cooperatives, Dr. Quintos added, eliminate coruption, hence, there is much dynamic growth benefits to the members, about 1.8 million of them!

Val Vidal, head for national operations of the Bulig Visayas - Relief & Rehabilitation Solidary Network, deplored the uncontrobllable rice smuggling, saying that the hearing being conducted by the Senate is another form of exercise in futility!

With unabatted rice smuggling, the price of rice should have decreased, but it increased instead, indicating that there is a well-entrenched carter of rice suppliers in the country.

He also announced that his group will be filing a plunder complaint against 30 top business executives in connection with their collusion in the hike of power rate in the country! (Posted January 25, 2014)


P750 Billion "pork" for Pinoy in 2014 GAA?

If the allegation is true that Pres. Aquino has a P750 Billion pork barrel in the 2014 General Appropriations Act (GAA), then indeed he is the "Pork Barrel" king of the country!

Then the elimination of the pork barrel in the 2014 national budget is not true, a farce - for the money is only re-alligned, in lump sum and not itimized!

Norman Cabrera (Kapatiran), who guested at the regular Friday (January 10, 2014) breakfast news forum hosted by Erick San Juan at the Rembrandt hotel, said that indeed, Pres. Aquino has that much pork barrel tucked in for him in the 2014 GAA

Cabrera (left) added that the president's pork barrel is non-itimized, as such, it will be one big source of political patronage! He also said that the non-itimized lump sums in the 2014 GAA can be the subject of a complaint to be filed in the Supreme Court (SC).

He also stressed that among the biggest problems of the country today which must be addressed immediately are the pork barrel, graft and corruption, abject poverty and inadequate housing. He added that "graft and corruption produce other primary concerns."

To solve these problems, he strongly proposed the abolition of political dynasty, the enactment of the "Freedom of Information" bill, and of course, the total abolition of the pork barrel system.

Cabrera explained that about 40% - or even more - of the annual budget of the government is lost to graft and corruption. And because 30% of the budget is already alloted to foreign debt payment, only about 30% is left for vital government services!

Meanwhile, Wilson Fortaleza (left photo), who also guested in the same edition of the Friday breakfast news forum, said that there is a looming energy crisis in the country if the increased charges of electricity is not resolved soon.

"Meralco has threatened us that there will be an extensive power outages" if somehow, its rate increases are fully stopped.

Power producers, whose collutions or cartel are now under investigation, might continue to stop providing electricity to their only distributor, Meralco.

Forum host Erick San Juan called for more concrete and solidified action from the people to stop the shenanigans of greedy government officials! He lambasted officials who have nothing more in their minds but their illegal and immoral personal interests, and thus betraying the people whom they are mandated to serve! (Erick San Juan, photo, right)  (Posted January 11, 2014)

Class Action Petition vs MWSS, Maynila & Manila Water

Lawyer Francis Euston R. Acero, who guested at the regular Friday breakfast news forums at the Rembrandt hotel December 20, 2013, announced that 150 individuals have filed a petition at the Supreme Court against MWSS, Maynilad and Manila Water.

The petition, "Special Civil Action for Certiorari, Prohibition, and Mandamus with Prayer for iassuance of Temporary Restraining Order(s), Writ(s) of Preliminary Injunction, and/or Status Quo Order(s)," alleged monopolistic abuse, unfair pricing, and a flawed rate rebasing exercise  among its respondents. (Photo above, from left, Forum host Erick San Juan, Atty. Jose Malvar Villegas, and Atty. Francis Euston R. Asero)

The petition also alleged that the two arbitration proceedings initiated by Maynilad and Manila Water amount to strategic lawsuits against public participation, or "SLAPP." Well-established in the United States, SLAPP suits refer to action "brought any person, institution or any government agency or local government unit or its officials and employees, with intent to harass, vex, exert undue pressure or stifle any enforcement of laws. Generally, SLAPPS are used by large corporations in efforts to silence individuals through high cost of litigation which cause the individual to abandon initial complaints against the corporation. (Posted December 20, 2013) 


Villegas: Convert House of Representatives as prison camp for corrupt lawmakers

Lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas Jr has proposed that in preparation for the imprisonment of lawmakers who immensely, illegally and criminally benefited from the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), the present House of Representatives should be transformed into a prison camp for them!

Villegas made the proposal during the regular Friday breakfast news forum hosted by veteran journalist Erick San Juan at the Rembrandt hotel, Tomas Morato St., Quezon City.

Villegas, founder/chairman of the Citizens Crime Watch and grandson of National Hero Gen. Miguel Malvar, was one of the petitioners at the Supreme Court against the PDAF and the Disbursement Acceleration Fund.

PDAF, known popularly as "Pork Barrel" is an annual allotment to lawmakers for their respective projects. A Senator receives P200 Million a year, while a member of the House of Representatives receives P90 Million annually. (Forum host Erick San Juan, photo, right)

However, these lump sum pork barrels were not spent according to its purposes, but most of the amount went to the pockets of the lawmakers.

The Supreme Court en banc, on November 10, 2013, voted 14-0, with one abstention, declared the PDAF, unconstitutional, therefore illegal from its very start from the regime of the late President Cory Aquino and up to the present administration of Pres. Benigno Aquino III.

Villegas said that the Supreme Court has also directed all prosecutorial organs of the government within the bounds of reasonable dispatch to investigate and accordingly prosecute all government officials, elected or otherwise, including private individuals for possible criminal offenses related to the irregular, improper and/or unlawful disbursement/utilization of all funds under the pork barrel system.

In compliance with the directive of the Supreme Court, Villegas added that the Citizens Crime Watch has established partnership with the Philippine Trial Association of the Philippines, headed by Atty. Pete "Bitay" Principe, and lawyer Ariel Arias, president of University of the East Law Center to mobilize their members to act as one to pursue and prosecute cases against those who are suspected to have misused the PDAF fund from 1990 when PDAF was instituted during the administration of the late Pres. Cory Aquino.

So, the House of Representatives would not even be big enough to accommodate the VIP prisoners? (Posted November 22, 2013) 

Air Pollution causes super typhoons

Countless scientific studies have proven that air pollution causes not only various respiratory diseases but serious cardiovascular alments like heart attack, stroke and even sudden death! This was stressed by Dr. Virgilio Lazaga during the regular Friday breakfast news forum hosted by broadcast journalist Erick San Juan at the Rembrandt hotel, Tomas Morato St., Quezon City.

Dr. Lazaga is the chairman of the committee on environmental concern of the Philippine Medical Association (PMA).

Following is an excerpt of the statement of Dr. Lazaga: (Dr. Lazaga, photo left)

"Air pollution can also lead to super typhoons which result to storm surges, flash floods, among others.These are what we saw in the recent Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). These are definitely caused by the emission of unabated 'greenhouse' gases from motoer  vehicles that continuously cause climate change.

"The air that we all breathe in Metro Manila, as shown by statistical data from the Department of Environment And Natural Resources (DENR), has reached a dangerous level and can pose a grave threat to human health and life as well as contributing to climate change.

"As long as we all live in the metropolis we definitely can not escape this deadly problem. This fact makes us all unwilling victims of air pollution.

"More than 80% of air pollution in Metro Manila comes from unabated motor vehicle emissions. Rampant violation and poor enforcement of the Clean Air Act of 1999 (RA 8749) aggravated the lukewarm attitude of motor vehicle owners to do their patriotic duty to properly maintain their vehicles has led to the life-threatening state of air quality in the National Capital Region (NCR)." (Erick San Juan, forum host, photo,left)

Dr. Lazaga has appealed to Pres. Aquino to take concrete steps towards the reduction of air pollution. He was also seeking for a "Writ of Kalikasan" and for a Temporary Environment Protection Order from the courts. (Posted November 15, 2013)

Violence against women, children, alarming!

GABRIELA,  a cause-oriented organization, has revealed that violence against women and children are increasing and alarming. JOMS SALVADOR, Secretary-General of Gabreila, made the revelation during the regular Monday breakfast news forum held at the Rembrandt hotel, July, 8, 2013. (Photo, right, Joms Salvador)

She said that there was a 74% increase in the nmber of cases of Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) in Jan-June 2011 (190 cases) to Jan-June 2012 (331); and 116% increase from the 2011 figure to the 403 cases in 2013!

The GABRIELA secretary general said that the significant increase in the number of victims may be a direct result of the intensifying economic violence experienced by the general populace due to the neo-liberal policies of the Aquino government such as privatization under the Public-Privater Partnership Program.

She added that domestic violence occured when "husbands or partners were stressed due to financial problems such as inability to find jobs, unpaid debts or inability to find money for the family's next meal."

There was also an increase in the number of victims of rape and child sexual abuse.

For the first six months of 2013, there were already 42 cases ofg adult rape and 10 cases of child sexual abuse. The cases included that of a 12-year old girl in Iloilo City who agreed to sell her sex in exchange for P12.00 to buy food.(Photo, left, Mike Abe, chairman, Liga ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas, regular guest at the forum) 

GABRIELA stressed: "Out of desperation over their poverty, women, even girls, are abused!"

GABRIELA also warned that the government's failure to address intensifying poverty will only worsen the state of violence against Filipino women and children in many forms!

Former Comission on Elections commissioner Gus Lagman, who also guested in the forum hosted by Miss Carmen Ignacio, decried the ambiguity or apparently lack of credibility of the May 13, 2013 mid-term elections!

He described it as a "violation with impunity" the removal of the election safefuards, such as the removal of the "digital signature" in the PCOS. (Photo, right, Gus Lagman)

The PCOS supplied by Smartmatic was not the appropriate technology, because it lacked components such as the source code.

Further, the proclamation of the winning senators when canvassing was not even half-way, was illegal.

It also appears he said, that there were more voters than the 52,000 million registered voters! He also revealed that a day after the elections, some PCOS machines were still transmitting votes which was highly anomalous!(Posted July 9, 2013)