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"Man of Peace" bares "Socio-Economic Political Vision"

Sultan Shariff Ibrahim Albani has been travelling around the country and attending summit conferences and consultation meetings promoting peace and the Movement for National Reconciliation, which was launched last June 30, 2015 at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Manila. Sultan Albani is the chairman of the Unity For Revival Foundation, a movement for Peace, Unity and National Reconciliation! He stressed that the Movement for National Reconciliation is a nation-wide movement to promote peace, unity and national reconciliation among Filipinos from all walks of life in the pursuit of national prosperity!

The Movement for National Reconciliation is a major component of his plan to seek the second highest government position in the country, the vice presidency! "Peace and progress are esential components in all modern societies... as your Vice President, I shall work with the President to make our country active and dynamic member of the global community of nations." Following is an excerpt from his 11-point platform: (Sultan Shariff Ibrahim Albani delivering his message of peace during the launching of the movement, left, photo by Nardz Belen)

1. Peace and stability should be the primary concern of our Government. I shall encourage our President that sufficient resources be reasonably allocated for national security and public safety.

2. Federalism is the political solution to our long-term national stability. I shall endeavor to help the President to transition our centralized unitary system of government towards a federated system, in the model of the Federal Republic of Germany or the United States of America;

3. Quality education, especially in the field of science and information technology, must also be of paramount concern of our National Government. We should have talented teachers and provide quality educational facilities and laboratories to our students.

4. Build an advanced and modern country by integrating through non-formal education the cultural and political activities of our national and provincial governmental agencies and institutions towards creating a life-long learning of continuing education for our people throughout the country. Once elected Vice President, I will ask the President to appoint me as education czar so I can better focus on the development of our youth.

His other visions are attracting more foreign investments, jobs programs integrated with education, health and development programs, clean and honest governance, free of graft and corruption, protection of human rights and preservation of cultural heritage and ancestral domain of indigenous people, equal opportunity and no discrimination policy in government, legal assistance to the indigenous and less fortunate families that are victims of human rights violations. (Posted July 2,2015)

PMM launches "Lacson for President Movement"

The Partido ng Manggagawa at Magsasaka (PMM), the 3rd oldest existing political party in the Philippines headed by crusading lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas J., has launched the "Lacson for President Movement" (LPM) in preparation for the 2016 national and local elections. (Lacson, left photo)

Villegas said that prominent socio-civic leader Eduardo "Ed" Madrid chairs the "Lacson for President Movement" with lawyer Ariel Arias, chairman of the "Association of Volunteer Lawyers Against Corruption" (AVLAC) as chief legal adviser, and Shariff Ibrahim Albani is the national adviser.

Carlo Batalla, LPM executive director, announced that the consensus of adopting Lacson as the   PMM's official candidate, if he decides to run for the presidency, was arrived at during a survey held among the members of the PMM national directorate during the last Labor Day celebration. (Villegas, left photo)

This is the third time that PMM may declare as its presidential candidate a former military officer, the first was retired general and former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, and former AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Renato de Villa.

Meanwhile, Leon Peralta, chairman, Anti-Trapo Movement of the Philippines, said that the kin of the fallen SAF 44 from Cordillera have taken their oath as members of the Citizens Crime Watch (CCW), also headed by Villegas. (Shariff Ibrahim Albani, left photo)

The CCW head and Mel Magdamo, chairman of the Risen 44, are now coordinating with concerned government agencies the filing of criminal and graft cases against those answerable for the atrocities committed against the Fallen 44 in the Masasapano massacre. It must be recalled that Villegas was one of the lead petitioners in the case of PDAF and DAF  that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

Presidential timber Lacson himself refused to receive his PDAF during his 12-year term as senator, and the only lawmaker in both Houses of Congress to have done it so! (Eduardo "Ed" Madrid, left photo) 

Villegas, grandson of the national hero Gen. Miguel Malvar, announced that the 17 regional LPM coordinators are: Vanessa Lacuesta (Pangasinan), Region 1; Lito Fernandez (Isabela), Region 2; Ruel Quitay (Pampana), Region 3; Mercy Madeloso (Cavite), Region 4; Evangeline Granada (Legaspi), Region 5;

Sergio Banez (Iloilo), Region 6; Gilda Gonzales Peralta (Negros Oriental), Region 7; Nancy Fink (Leyte), Region 8; Senen Bella (Zamboanga del Norte), Region 9; Romy Lloren (Cagayan de Oro), Region 10; Dolores La Paz (Davao City), Region 11; Eduardo "Ed" Godinez (General Santos), Region 12; (Nancy Fink, left photo)

Caren Araneta (Maguindanao), Region 13; Datu Jularab Sampang (Basilan), ARMM; Victor Carillo (Surigao del Norte), CARAGA; Zenaida Luz (Mindoro Oiental), MIMAROPA; Leo Balicdan (Benguet), CAR, and Willie Quitiongco (Pasig), National Capital Region. (Leonardo "Nardz" Q. Belen, posted May 18, 2015)