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Flower Power


One way of collecting flowers is by shooting them with your video or still cameras. Whenever you attend a breakfast, lunch or dinner party, it is certain that there is always a beautiful flower arrangement on your table. I shot the bouquet, right, at our table during the prescon of "Temptation Island" held June 23, 2011 at the ballroom of Imperial Suites at Tomas Morato St., Quezon City.

Make this a habit. Then frame the flowers later for display or -- who knows - you may even develop a business out of it.

You may also decide to whom you send the flower(s) - via e-mail - before you shoot them. That way, you become even more inspired because you know already to whom you "send" the flowers. 

I shot this floral arrangement, left - how immaculate the flowers are, at another dinner function! (Nardz Belen, posted June June 24, 2011)


Since time immemorial, conveying messages with flowers - cut, live/fresh, illustrations or photos - have always been very effective! Hence, the saying, Say it with flowers!

We have a collection of flowers here, and you may download anyone of them to accompany your messages of love, sympathy, or whatever greetings you wish to convey.

Crispina Martinez-Belen, "Celebrity World" columnist and entertainment editor of Manila Bulletin, loves to grow flowers, especially orchids. "Flowers are exhilarating," she says. "They give you peace of mind even as they enrich your life!"

Here are other flowers - aren't they lovely?

We shall keep on adding more collections!

Or send photos of your flower collections and let us share them with others who believe also in flower power. Send them to:

Better still, share with us bits of your experiences in growing flowers!



THE least expensive way to collect flowers and at the same time enjoy them, is by using your camera!

Bring with you always a digital camera - a thin Sony model, at least 10 pixel so that you do not need to use flash and you can also shoot at a distance. It is very handy, you can put it inside a pocket, a bag or just simply hold it. It is so easy to operate.

Shoot a flower at different angles so that you will have much to choose from. You are using a digital camera, so you do not need to worry about lab processing.

Wherever you go - attend a party - shoot the flower arrangements on the table. You take a brisk walk in the morning, shoot the various flowers as you pass by.

Soon you will have a collection of flowers!

Not only that! You may frame the flowers and come up with a flower exhibit!

That will be the talk of the town, and your friends, acquaintances, and loved ones will appreciate you for that! (Posted June 5, 2011)