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Movie Co-Production & Marketing Agreement

Let's join hands,  Save ourselves and Mother Earth!

Join Us For A Cause, Fun and Profit!

1. Rationale

2. Mechanics of Participation as Co-Producer

3. The Movie Project

4. The Proponent - Director Leonardo Q. Belen 


The Agreement provides for the  co-production of a full-length commercial movie particularly focused on waste management, waste segregation and the 3Rs - Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle!

The movie is designed to enhance existing programs on waste management, and it is commercial and entertaining - with action, drama and fantasy - so that those who see the movie  will enjoy it while acquiring for themselves additional information and skills on garbage management, thus making a commitment to a clean environment! 

Movies are  considered to have tremendous effect on influencing people's behaviour, attitudes and beliefs!

How serious is our garbage problem? 

The hundreds of truckloads of garbage regurgitated by Manila Bay along the baywalk during the last "habagat season" are awful indications that we have practically abandoned all forms of discipline of taking care of our surroundings!

Same indications were also seen elsewhere in the country which contributed greatly to  rushing floods that reached up to dangerous levels over much of Metro Manila and other parts of the country, causing more than a hundred fatalities and destruction of billions-of-peso-worth properties and agricultural products! (Photo, right and below: Manila Bulletin's front page photos on garbage, August 11, and flood, August 10, 2012)

Urgent new garbage management campaign needed

We are aware that there are existing programs of waste management among towns and cities in the country, but we are proposing to enhance those campaigns through an influential medium, the movie, so that we can go into the hearts and minds of the people, and as such, they make commitment to the waste management program! (Photo, right: Picture grab from TV - This is not a fluvial parade - people fleeing their homes submerged by flood in Metro Manila.)

Mechanics of Movie Co-Production


"Movie Co-Production & Marketing Agreement"


Movie production is kown for its tremendous potential for profits, but the business is still the exclusive privilege of multi-millionaire producers! Huge profits derived from box office hit productions are therefore their own exclusive prerogatives!

We, non-movie producers who regularly patronize and see movies, do not receive any dividends from the tremendous profits being raked in from box office hit movies.

But with the  economic principles of "people empowerment, democratization and equitable distribution of wealth" as enunciated by then Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, any well-meaning individual can now participate in movie productions and share in and receive benefits accordingly!

Join us therefore in our "Movie Co-Production & Marketing Agreement" (Copyright 2014) for the production of one (1) movie project at a time.

With just one movie project at a time, the Co-Producer can effectively participate and monitor all the processes of production, expenditures, marketing and remittances of ROI and pro-rata net profit shares.

Just make a pledge (Item 6 of this Agreement) - without remitting the amount now - by signing the "Movie Co-Production & Marketing Agreement" - and make your pledge redeemable only when the total amount of pledges has reached the minimum budget requirement and production/filming of the movie project can already begin!


The Movie Project


Genre: Drama-Action-Fantasy

Story & Screenplay by Leonardo Q. Belen

Rationale: "Diamond Girl" is a cause-oriented movie project focused on the environment particularly on unabated garbage which is contributing greatly to the spread of diseases. global warming and climate change, thus adversely affecting the weather and resulting into storm formations worldwide, like Yolanda, if we may say so! Thus, the movie project will be an effective educational tool while it is entertaining!

Logline: A teenage girl leads a successful zero-waste campaign in a city district but a corrupt, big-time businessman who has a multi-million-peso contract with City Hall to haul garbage - a high percentage are ghost deliveries - is alarmed and dumps the girl into a landfill, yet the girl survives the torture and becomes even more determined in her zero-waste campaign!



JANE, 14, and her younger brother, ERIC, are rendered homeless when their shanty is among those demolished by some government agencies.

They discover an abandoned house in a middle class subdivision, and from there, they struggle to make a living by offering their services to cut or trim grasses on the front lawns of the rich villagers. (Photo, right, a study layout)

A kindly landlady also hires their services to do waste segregation in her house, and Jane and Eric learn much about the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. She organizes seminars among the neighborhood's maids and househelpers with Jane condcuting the seminars.

Jane becomes an effective lecturer that the entire neighborhood are all practicing the 3Rs, and after a while, there are no more garbage to collect in the area!

A businessman who has a multi-million peso garbage collection contract with city hall is alarmed, and he is determined not to allow the idea of Jane to spread out not only in the village but also in other areas in Metro Manila. Jane must be stopped!

And so begins the ordeals of Jane, a young female David fighting a Goliath, a corrupt businessman of unquenchable greed!

Will Jane  survive the onslaught of the  giant businessman? 

Young as she is, her momentum has begun, and there's no way of stopping her to infuse in the hearts of the villagers - as well as others - the making of one's neighborhood rid of garbage and a greater place to live in!

Following is the draft of the "Movie Co-Production & Marketing Agreement." If you are joining us, simply give us a call at 0949-9056563 or 0932-2381616, or email us at either or Or leave a message through Telefax 413-0682. 


Movie Co-Production & Marketing Agreement 


Entered into by and between:

LEONARDO Q. BELEN, of legal age, with office address at ALTU Bldg., 77 Scout Tobias St., South Triangle, Quezon City, and representing Associate Producers listed on the final page of this Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the Producer/First Party,


_______________________, of legal age, with residence at __________________________________ with contact number ________________, hereinafter referred to as the Co-Producer/Second Party.


1. That this Agreement is in pursuance of the economic principles of "people empowerment, democratization and equitable distribution of wealth" as enunciated by then Pres. Fidel V. Ramos; Provided further that this Agreement is also in pursuance of Republic Act 9003/Ecological Wast Management Act of 2000.

2. That Producer/First Party is organizing the production and marketing of one (1) movie project entitled "Diamond Girl," and is also seeking the participation of well-meaning individuals as Co-Producers who willingly and voluntarily share in their resources to help raise the necessary capital to fund the production and marketing of said movie project. 

3. That this Agreement covers only one (1) movie project, "Diamond Girl," (Working title) so that the Co-Producer/Second Party can participate in and easily monitor all aspects of production and marketing.

4. That the capital needed to produce the said movie project is a minimum of THREE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND (P3,500,000.00) Pesos, Philippine Currency, and not exceeding FIVE MILION (P5,000,000.00) Pesos; Provided further that any expenditure above P5 Million is the sole responsibility of the First Party, and it shall never be included in the computation of production cost or expenses, ROI, and in the remittances of pro-rata net profit shares. Any lesser amount of participation like P5,000.00, P2,000.00 or P1,000.00 shall be identified accordingly.

5. That, for easier computation, every P10,000.00 investment is identified as ONE (1) UNIT OF CO-PRODUCTION PARTICIPATION (UCPP), and for the said movie project, there are only 500 UCPPs. Hence, total net profit divided by 500 UCPPs = DIVIDEND multiplied by the Co-Producer's UCPPs = Pro-rata Net Profit Shares.

6. That Second Party/Co-Producer pledges the amount of________________________(P_______________) representing _____________(________) UCPPs as his/her participation in this Agreement; Provided further that when pledges have reached the minimum production budget requirement of P3.5 Million, and thus production and filming of the movie project can already begin, the above pledge is immediately redeemable upon the request of First Party/Producer to form part of the now working capital.  

7. That all material and intellectual resources needed for production and marketing shall be hired, rented or purchased from Co-Producers who can offer the best price and quality of such resources, thus they already earn money long before the movie project is exibited for revenue-making purposes.

8. That members of the cast and production staff who receive a talent fee of P50,000.00 and above may share in a minimum of 10% or more of such fees as equity investment in the movie project under the same terms and conditions provided for in this Agreement.

9. That the Co-Producer/Second Party may participate in the sales of tickets for the special screenings of the movie project - and minus sales taxes - may already collect - partially or in full - his/her UCPP(s) from such sales of tickets; Provided further that the Co-Producer/Second Party will receive 30% commission fee from any sponsorship/advertisement he or she may bring in to support production or special screenings of the movie project.

10. That the remittances of ROI and pro-rata net profit shares shall be undertaken quarterly from the first day of the revenue-making exhibitions of the movie project, including sales from different formats of the movie project such as DVDs, Cable TV rights or territorial distributions obtained from film festivals here and abroad.

11. That like any other legitimate business ventures, the production and marketing of the movie project may encounter furtuitous events, and for which Co-Producer/Second Party as well as ProducerFirst Party willingly share in the risk.

12. That for organizing the production, marketing and managing the said movie project, the Producer/First Party shall receive 20%% from the net profits derived from the revenue-making exhibions of the movie project, or from any sales formats such as DVDs, Cable TV rights, or territorial distributions obtained from film festivals here and abroad.

13. That this Agreement terminates when revenues are no longer forthcoming from the movie project.

14. That any complaint arising from this Agreement shall be filed in a court of justice in Quezon City.

15. DONE IN__________________, _______, 20___, Co-Producer/Second Party willingly and voluntarily reiterates and reconfirms his/her commitment and pledge of__________________(P_________)representing _______(_____) UCPPs to be made immediately redeemable upon request of First Party/Producer as provided for in Item 6 of this Agreement and for which Co-Producer/Second Party shall be issued the necessary and appropriate Acknowledgment thereof.


LEONARDO Q. BELEN                                      _________________

Producer/First Party                                        Co-Producer/Second Party

Mayet Robles, T.I.N.D.I.G.

Ma. Nazarene Robles Ching, Businesswoman

Associate Producers




                __________________                   __________________






G/F ALTU Bldg., 77 Scout Tobias St., South Triangle, Quezon City TelFax  413-0682 Mobile 0933-1052068 * 0928-554068



Let's do the project now and help Save Mother Earth!

THE PROPONENT - Director Leonardo "Nardz" Q. Belen 

Veteran journalist, author and movie director-scriptwriter LEONARDO Q. BELEN, or Direk Nardz Belen as he is called in the local movie industry, came up with the idea of a cause-oriented movie project to help  enhance the campaign on waste management which covers waste segregation, and the 3Rs - "Reduce, Re-use and Recycle."

As an effective tool, Direk Nardz Belen conceptualized a movie project, the "DIAMOND GIRL." (Working Title) 

His latest movie, which he wrote and directed, "Pinoy Super Kid," a fantasy-action - comedy, is now being shown in colleges in the country. The movie stars, among others, multi-awarded Buboy Villar as the Pinoy Super Kid, Ayla Mendero, Jerould Aceron, Jay Christian, Mark Lapid, Suzette Ranillo, Rey "PJ" Abellana, Mon Confiado, Robert Miller, Joel Ortega, Princess, and Amay Visaya.

Nardz Belen "wrote his way to college," enrolling at the then Faculty of Philosopy & Letters, University of Sto. Tomas where he studied philosophy and letters (Bachelor of Literature in Journalism).

He became correspondent of Manila Bulletin and covered several international events including the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the United Nations at its New York City headquarters.

During his administrtation, Pres. Fidel V. Ramos appointed Direk Nardz Belen member of the IBC 13 board of directors. Pres. Joseph Ejercito Estrada re-appointed the proponent to the same post, and then Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appointed him member of the board of directors of Anchor Insurance Brokerage Corporation.

Direk Nardz Belen is a member of the Film Academy of the Philippines, and former chairman of the Kapisanan ng mga Direktor ng Pelikulang Pilipino. He is also a lifetime member of the National Press Club of the Philippines where he handled for several years the NPC's weekly "Celebrity Night."

He publishes TOWNS & CITIES e-Magazine, and TOWNS & CITIES Magazine which is published on special editions basis only.

He is a publicist and conducts seminars on human resource development, defensive driving, scriptwriting, acting workshops, and documentary productions.

He is the author of "21-Power Guide To Inner Wealth And Prosperity" (copies available in Metro Manila branches of the National Book Store), "Defensive Driving," among others. He also conducts 2-hour seminars on the "21-Power Guide To Inner Wealth And Prosperity" and "Defensive Driving." 

He has also been the recipient of several awards and recognitions, including "Ulirang Ama."

His wife, Crispina Martinez Belen, is the entertainment editor of Manila Bulletin and she writes the daily column "Celebrity World." They have two sons, Walden and Lester, both Ateneans. (Posted December 30, 2013)