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With so many devastating fires occuring very often in Metro Manila, and caused mainly by defective electrical wirings or electrical defects, homeowners must be ready, at least, with a portable extinguisher! The first few seconds of an incipient fire is very critical, and with a portable fire extinguisher, the fire can immediately be stopped from exploding into a conflagration!The CitiFire Commercial is located at 7-8 Scout Borromeo St., Quezon City Tels. 374-2982 / 365-7820 / 0917 - 850-2965

Eye Care is extremely important - or absolute! One should never miss a regular eye check-up!





For a better livelihood or enhancement of income, join a cooperative! If you are not a member yet, look for one and apply for membeership! You do not only help yourself financially but you are also helping others - and together you attain a common goal!