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"Lapis, Ballpen at Diploma" to open soon!

The educational and must-see movie, "Lapis, Ballpen at Diploma," starring Randy Montoya (left photo), is based on true events, which Randy experienced as half-Subanen living in the margins of the embattled Mindanao who earned a college degree through his own initiative! The movie was premiered recently at SM North Cinema with the cast in attendance, headed by Montoya himself, Pia Moran, Edgar Lo, and Buboy Villar who played the young Montoya. Of course, Director Danilo Jurado attended the successful premiere night! The high quality of the movie is proven by the fact that the MTRCB rated it  as General Patronage!

The film gives due importance to the idea of getting formal education and to earn at least a college diploma instead of quitting after finishing high school and join the statistics of the jobless and the fragile sector of the country's contractual workers.

As a young boy, Montoya used to work on small errands from grade school days until he became a self-supporting student in a college bereft yet of any parental support! Through multi-level and networking business, Montoy turned himself into a successful entrepreneur and sough-after inspirational speaker! These experiences of Montoya and depicted in the movie, make "Lapis, Ballpen, at Diploma" even more interesting to see! (Posted August 17, 2015) 

A grand evening with Erap!

It was like an Erap's fans night! Well, of course, former president and now Manila City Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada, wherever he is, crowds of fans always abound around him. This time, it was the top showbiz writers and his colleagues (veteran movie stars) who came around to share the sumptuous dinner prepared by Manay Ichu at the newly-built Sampaguita Pictures' events place. It was also some kind of re-union!

It was lots of photo ops with him, everyone vying for the best spot nearest to him. (Manila Bulletin's Celebrity World columnist Crispina M. Belen and two other writers, with Mayor Erap)

The dinner was also punctuated with some kind of seriousness when Erap was interviewed. "I am definitely running for re-election in Manila," he said. "I would like to restore the old glory of the city where I was born!"

Whom does he endorse for the presidency? "The candidate who can provide the best platform for the development of the country? I will do a last-minute endorsement," Erap stressed!

Before he arrived for the party, a documentary on his political career was shown, and everyone must see it to understand how the super-rich and the Catholic Church in the country connived to take him out from the  presidency because of Erap's uncompromising stand to protect the interest of the poor! You will also find out how much Cory expressed her deep-seated apology and stating as well that the EDSA II, the people's power that toppled Erap was a mistake!

The docu also shows how Erap, stressing a one-nation policy, defeated the Muslim revolution, capturing all the rebels' camps which have grown almost impenetrable by the military at that time.

But when Gloria Macapagal Arroyo took over the presidency, she returned all those camps to the rebels! And the Muslim revolution returned, this time, becoming even  stronger that the Aquino administration is practically kneeling before the rebels!

Back to the party - I also edged in  for a photo with Erap, and another photo with Miss Delia Razon, who appeared in one movie I wrote and directed. To enhance the joy of the evening, cash prizes where drawn, conducted by Lolit Solis and Jun Nardo. It was a lovely and memorable evening! (Posted August 8, 2015)

Dapitan City aims to become the cultural and entertainment center of Mindanao!

If the recently-held cultural and entertainment festival (July 22-25, 2015) held in Dapitan City was any indication, this city will soon become the cultural and entertainment center of Mindanao!

Former congressman Romy Jalosjos photo, left), who also had served as mayor of the city, stressed that the city has already established the necessary structures and facilities to accommodate the production of world-class cultural and entertainment shows or events. One such event was the four-day (July 22-25, 2015) World Costume Festival Mindanao 2015!

The costume festival was integrated in exhibits, parades, street dancing, stage productions, among others. Among the participants were winners from earlier costumes festivals in various regions of the country, like Dipolog City, Surigao City (Bonok-Bonok Festival), ARMM (Shariff Kabunsuan Festival), Cagayan de Oro, Dapitan City (Kinabayo Festival),Dolores Abra (Sakuting Festival), Kalibo, and Aklan (Ati-Atihan Festival) 

Third-year law student and multi-talented Trizia Glae R. Tubungbanua (photo, left, by Nardz Belen) hosted the Kinabayo Festival whose showdown competition was held at the Dapitan city's stadium.

Among the participating groups, Category A - Invitational Level - were ACDT Cultural Dance Troupe, Oroquieta Performing Arts Group, Tribu ni Tatay, Kadsub (Kadugong Subanen Dance Ensemble), and Lalibertad National High School. And Category B - City-wide Level, the participants were the Cawa-cawa Dance Troupe, and Tribu ni San Vicente.

The Kinabayo festival commemorates the Battle of Covadonga, A. D. 722 and the Battle of Clavojo, A. D. 844. In the first battle the Blessed Virgin Mary aided the Christians and won over their enemies, the Moors. In the second battle, Sr. Santiago helped the Christians defeat their overwhelming enemie, also the Moors

The former lawmaker also stressed that if the Visayan region has already established world-famous cultural events, like "Maskara" of Bacolod, Aklan's "Ati-Atihan" and Iloilo's "Dinagyang,"" among others, then Dapitan City can also produce its own world-class cultural and entertainment presentations!"

The "World Costume Festival Mindanao 2015" was a great and significant beginning, he stressed. As a tourism destination and shoppers' paradise, Dapitan City has much to offer, like the Rizal Shrine (the theme park commemorating the four-year exile of the National Hero Dr. Jose P.Rizal in Dapitan) and the sprawling Dakak, a world-class beach resort. (Author, left, posing with the models)

The peace and order situation in the city is also superb, and that travel advisories of countries prohibiting their citizens to travel to Mindanao should not be listened to, Jalosjos added. (Posted July 31, 2015)

"#popepular," a musical on Pope Francis

The first Filipino musical play on the life of Pope Francis, entitled "#popepular" will be staged on July 24, 2016 at the Adamson University auditorium! The play will incorporate the lives of four Filipino heroes, namely Joey Velasco, the "Heart-ist" who painted "Hapag ng Pag-asa" showing Jesus Christ with 12 poor children. The message is heart-rending!;

(Vince Tanada, left, writer-director of the musical play, and also stars in it)Kristel May Padasas, a Filipina volunteer of Catholic Relief Services. Kristel was a volunteer during Pope Francis' visit to Tacloban where he presided over a Holy Mass. Kristel died when she was struck by a scaffolding  which fell, hitting Kristel; Dr. Edgar Gomez, awarded as the National Scientist of the Philippines. He is an advocate for the protection of coral reefs in the country, restoring especially the lives of giant clams. He also created artificial reefs with the use of used tires.

Ronald Gadayan, a lowly janitor at the National International Airport and who returned a bag containing jewelries and cash worth P1.8 million to the owner, and PO1 Mark Lorey Clemencio, a member of SAF 44, who were massacred by Muslim enemies.

Atty Vincent Tanada, through the Philippine Stagers Foundation which he heads, has been writing, producing and directing musical plays mostly about Filipino heroes.

The musical play on Pope Francis is a passion for him. When the Pope visited the country, Tanada and his 10-year old son also walked to the Rizal Park where the Holy Father was to hold Mass. That's how the musical play stirred his creativity! (Posted July 20, 2015)

Jukebox Queens in Concert Aug. 31, 2015

The "Legendary Jukebox Queens in Concert" is what Claire Dela Fuente, Imelda Papin and Eva Eugenio are preparing for at the moment. The show, slated on August 31, 2015 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater at the Resorts World Manila, is the first major concert together of the three Jukebox Queens.

With Butch Miraflor as musical director and Leonard Santos as special guest performer, the "Legendary Jukebox Queens in Concert" is produced by Supernova Girls Productions, Inc. Claire promises "it will be a hilarious concert, full of fun and laughter and nostalgia as we go back down memory lane with the most loved OPM songs of our era."

Claire, who is Clarita Crisostomo dela Fuente de Guzman in real life, first achieved celebrity status in the 70s via her jukebox hit song "Sayang," later followed by other hit songs including "Minsan-Minsan" and "Nakaw na Pag-ibig." She was dubbed the "Karen Karpenter of the Philippines," "Asia's Sweetest Voice" and "Jukebox Queen," of course.

Her  "Sayang" album was 1997's biggest seller.

Claire was only 15 when she won the grand prize in a singing contest with the Carpenter's song "Love Me For What I Am." The late George Canseco and the head judge in that contest gave Claire her first break by having her sing the Hope jingle. In 2009, Claire recorded a song with Richard Carpenter for the album "Something In Your Eyes," and in 2010, she sang a duet with Michael Bolton, "The christmas Song" which was included in her Christmas album under Viva Records.

Imelda Papin, dubbed "Asia's Sentimental Songstress," scored many hits, like "Bakit," "Isang Linggong Pag-ibig," and "Sabik." From a remote fishing village in Camarines Sur (where she eventually became vice governor at the height of her popularity as singer/performer) she started her singing journey by joining regional amateur singing contests.

Eventually, Imelda headed for Manila and she achieved fame via her sentimental singing style. She studied at the University of the East and later at the University of Hawaii where she received a degree in BS Commerce major in Management. The internationally acclaimed Filipino singer now plans to seek a congressional seat in the third district of Camarines Sur.

Eva Eugenio also had numerous jukebox hits, among them "Tukso," "Bulong ng Damdamin," and "Isang Babalikan, Isang Iiwanan." She was one of the most popular and successful Filipina singers in the late 70s and early 80s. (Posted July 1, 2015)    

Actors Guild opens arts exhibit July 4

The Actors Guild of the Philippines will open a four-day art exhibit with "Freedom" as its themeon July 4, 2015 at 4:00 pm at the SM Megamall, with an Organo Gold cocktails!

The art exhibit is a project of the Film Artists Group, a component of the Actors Guild, composed of movie stars and filmmakers who are visual artists. (Photo, right, Melissa Mendez with her work, "Torture.")

Participating artists are: Heber Bartolome, Dranreb Belleza, Heart Evangelista, Lotlot de Leon, Ernie Garcia, Baron Geisler, Louie Ignacio, Lani Lobangco, Mara Lopez, Jao Mapa, Melissa Mendez, Cesar Montano, Nadia Montenegro, Evangeline Pascual, Rosanna Roces, and Chris Villanueva,whose work is shown below.  

Members who already passed away, Francis Magalona, Johnny Delgado, Celso Ad Castillo and Vic Vargas  will be given special tribute! The exhibit also features the works of Philippine masters, leaders, premier artists and performers. The exhibit is sponsored by Organo Gold Philippines, a global Network Marketing company on a mission to spread knowledge of Ganoderma, and for the incredible taste and benefits of Organo Gold's premium gourmet beverages. Actress and visual artist Melissa Mendez said she has always been a rebel. (Tiger, left, work of Ernie Garcia) Her heart cries for freedom always, not only for herself but also for other Filipinos who have always been crying for freedom from want, poverty, deprivation, injustice, and torture. An art critic said that her work, "Torture," represents the unfortunate Filipino situation today - torture from injustice, graft and corruption, crime and lack of peace and order! Evangeline Pascual, chairperson of the Actors Guild, and Ma Isabel Lopez, vice president for external affairs of the guild, took the cudgel for the organization of the art exhibit.

"Through painting, we found our inner aptitude!" Maria Isabel Lopez said. Whereas, Melissa stressed, "I found the elusive peace and harmony within!" Evangeline was known to have painted her offspring before it was born!" (Posted June 27, 2015)

"Ode To My Father"

Catch up with the Korean blockbuster movie "Ode To My Father!" It's the highest grossing film in the history of Korean Cinema! It was also the top winner at the 17th Udine Award Far East Film Festival!

The two-hour, six-minute movie stars Hwang Jung-Min, Kim Yun-Jin, and Dal-Su Oh.

The Story:

As a child, Deok-Soo loses his father amd youngest sister while escaping from a war-torn North Korea. Left only with the ripped sleeve of his sister's dress, he has little hope to ever see his family again.

When Deok-Soo and his remaining family members arrive in the southern city of Busan, they are taken in by their aunt, the owner of a small shop in the bustling Gukje Market (also the original Korean name of the film). While he, his mother, and his younger siblings struggle to eke out a living as war refugees, Deok-Soo never forgets the weighty promise he made to his father - to always protect his family. (Posted June 16, 2015) 

Edna, OFW movie of the year, opens May 20

Artiste Entertainment's latest movie, EDNA, is considered the OFW movie of the year, a film about an Overseas FilipinoWorker (OFW) who returns to the country to find her family changed by her absence, is sure to create waves when it hits the theaters for commercial run starting May 20, 2015!

The movie, starring veteran actress Irma Adlawan in the title role, and first directorial job of veteran character actor Ronnie Lazaro, who also plays Edna's (Irma Adlawan) husband. Produced by Tonet Gedang's Artiste Entertainment, EDNA has been graded 'A' by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB).

EDNA also stars Nicco Manalo, Sue Prado, Frances Makil, Mara Marasigan, Micko Laurente, Kiko Matos, among others.

While most films about OFWs talk about misfortunes our countrymen suffer while working abroad, EDNA approaches the problem from a different perspective. A psychological study in Filipino dynamics, the movie focuses on what Edna finds when she returns to the country after years of working abroad! (Posted May 4, 2015)  

"Healing Hearts" premieres May 11

Witness a tale that highlights the extraordinary connection between mother and child as GMA Network presents "Healing Hearts", which is set to premiere on May 11 on GMA Afternoon Prime!

Healing Hearts stars talented teen actors Joyce King as Mikaela/Liza, Krystal Reyes as Chloe, Ken Chan as Anton, and Kristoffer Martin as Jay. Joining them in the cast are Angelica dela Cruz as Nimfa, Mickey Ferriols as Rachel, Tina Paner as Alice, Maureen Larrazabal as Kleng, Dominic  Michael and <Roco as Stephen, with special participation of Neil Ryan Sese as Michael and Mr. Ronaldo Valdez as Benjie.

The drama series narrates how a mother's love can redeem a past and how a daughter's forgiveness can define a future. It is a traditional family drama that will serve as a testimony that every mother deserves the forgiveness of her child.

SineAsia to open in March with "Gangnam Blues"

For years, Hollywood and local movies took over the country's big screens, providing blockbuster franchises that captured different markets around the Philippines. But film has evolved, with the Asian genre experiencing a resurgence in the movie industry. Films from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China not only hold their own in the industry, but even outperform local and Hollywood pictures. (Gangnam Blues, left photo, first movie for SineAsia)  

With good quality motion pictured and a different and unique source of content, Asian films are creating a rapid rise in popularity and a growing want for Filipino fans to experience movie-watching of Asian Films on a much bigger scale.

Seeing the growing necessity of screening Asian films in local movie houses, SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. and Viva International Pictures now bring you the most sought-after Asian films to your favorite SM Cinema theatres. SM Lifestyle Entertainment, President Edgar C. Tejerero and the founder of Viva Entertainment, Inc, Vic Del Rosario, officially signed a contract for the creation of the SineAsia. SineAsia will provide the venue for the exhibition of Asian movies which will be supplied by Viva. (Posted February 23, 2015)  

Korean telenovela airs on PTV4 weekdays!

"Here Comes Mr. Oh," an award-winning Korean telenovela is now airing on PTV4 weekdays, from 5:30 pm. to 6:00 pm. It has replays at 11:30am to 12 noon or 12noon to 12:30 pm. (Lee Jang-woo, left photo)

A mult-award winning telenovela, the drama series star Lee Jang-woo  as Oh Ja-ryong, Jin Tae-hyun as Jin Yong-seok, Oh Yeon-seo as Na Gong-ju, and Seo Hyun-jin as NaJin-ju.

Lee Jang-woo has a tendency of exaggerating things, he has a warm personality and friendly disposition. He's tall, handsome and served in the Special Forces during his mandatory military services. Currently, he is unemployed and searching for a job.

The story is about Oh Ja-ryong, a gregarious and good-natured fellow who sttands  up to his conniving brother in-law, Yong-seok, who plots to steal the estate of his wife's family.

By justaposing Oh Ja-ryong's pure heart and devotion to his wife with Yong-seok's greed and superficial love towards his wife, there is a profund lesson to be learned from this drama. (Oh Yeon-Seo, left photo)

Oh Yeon-seo grew up like a princess by her doting parents. So she is self-absorbed. But at home she gets all the attention with her adorable behavior. She has never experienced hardships so she is about naive about a lot of things in life.

"Kailan Ba Tama Ang Mali" airs Feb 9

In life, we all experience pain when people dishonor what is right and dignify what is wrong!

GMA Network presents this human struggle through its afternoon series "Kailan Ba Tama Ang Mali" beginning February 9, 2015! It's all about choosing what is right or wrong when it comes to love, or when it's all about love, what is wrong is seemingly right, or what is right is seemingly wrong! (Geoff Eigenmann, right photo)

This provocative and intriguing soap opera stars sought-after leading man Geoff Eigenmann as Leo, a sweet, loving but possessive man; Kapuso leading lady Max Collins as Amanda, the wife of Leo, a breadwinner, career-oriented and reasonable woman; versatile actor Dion Ignacio as Oliver, Amanda's boss, who will eventually fall in love with her; balik-kapuso actress Empress Schuck as Sonya, a woman who falls in love with Leo though he is married.

"Kailan Ba Tama Ang Mali" revolves around the intertwined lives of Amanda, Leo, Oliver and Sonya. It will thrust viewers to go through the exercise of choosing - a decision-making process in levels so emotional, riveting and engaging. Each episode will leave viewers feeling vindicated, or incriminated, making the series more unpredictable, making it a reflection of one's personal struggles. (Max Collins, left photo) 

Directed by Gil Tejada Jr., the drama series also stars Shamaine Buencamino as Auring, the doting mother of Amanda; Ryza Cenon as Rita, the caring sister of Sonya; Chariz Solomon as Bianca, the liberated friend of Sonya; Ash Ortega as Angeli, the younger sister of Amanda; Ervic Vijandre as Joseph, the best friend of Leo; Ken Alfonso as Thomas, the best friend and business partner of Oliver. (Posted January 29, 2015) 

"Mercy," one of three theme songs for Pope Francis' visit to Tacloban and Palo, Leyte

Pope Francis' visist to Tacloban and Palo, Leyte today, January 17, 2015, dubbed as "Mercy andCompassion," will feature the song "Mercy," composed by Cherrie Anderson, the Tacloban-born frontwoman for the international electropop band Oobedrfuse. (Pope Francis, left photo)

Fr. Chris Militante, Palo Archdiocese's Information Officer, said "'Mercy' was composed by the band's vocalist Cherrie Anderson, whose mother is from Tacloban City, especially for Yoland survivors." It was officially nominated was one of three songs that convey the message behind Pope Francis' state and pastoral visit. Palo, Leyte was one of the most devastated areas during Typhoon Yolanda last November 2013.

"I vividly remember the night Typhoon  Yolanda hit," Anderson recalled. She is currently based in England and tours frequently. "I sat up all night frantically ringing members of my family to make sure they were of. I could not contact my family directly for days and relied exclusively on media reports." (Cherrie Anderson, left photo)

She feels so much gratitude for the Pope's decision to visit the place where she was born. "The lives of thousands of Filipinos bear the scars and emotional wounds wrought by Yolanda. It is a measure of Pope Francis' deep humanity and real concern for the victims that he chose to offer direct consolation to the thousands of families devastated by the worst typhoon ever to strike the Philippines," she said.

Aside from "Mercy," the Palo Archdiocese will carry two other theme songs for the Papal visit, "We Are All God's Children" by Jamie Rivera, and "Shepherd's Love," composed by Fr. Kim Margallo.

The lyrics of "Mercy" highlights the love of God, and ushers in a season of restoration and grace. (Posted January 17, 2015)  

2014 Metro Manila Film Festival's 8 official entries

The 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is expected to surpass all box office records of the previous festivals, considering that the eight official entries are starred by the country's top stars! The entries are:

"Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo," starring Robin Padilla, Vina Morales, Daniel Padilla and Jasmine Curtis Smith; "English Only Please," starring Derek Ramsay and Jennylyn Mercado; "Feng Shui 2," starring Kris Aquino and Coco Martin; "Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2," starring Dingdong Dantes and Isabelle Daza;\

"Magnum Muslim .357," starring Jeorge Estregan and Sam Pinto; "My Big Bossing," starring Vic Sotto and Ryzza Mae Dizon; "Praybet Benjamin 2," starring Vice Ganda, Richard Yap and Bimby Aquino-Yap, and "Shake, Rattle and Roll 15," starring Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana.

Among the activities lined up for the festival are the traditional Parade of Stars at 1pm on December 23 starting at the Bradco Avenue, left to Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, right to EDSA, left to Roxas Blvd., all the way to Qurino Grandstand.

The Awards Night is slated on Dec. 27 at 7pm at the Plenary Hall of the International Convention Center. The annual MMFF is being held in pursuance to Presidential Proclamation No. 1459, with amendments later, and it is implemented by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.  (Posted December 15, 2014)

Audition for "Vengeance is Mine" (Deut. 32:35)

Prospective talents, 18-25 years old, may now audition for the movie project, "Vengeance is Mine" (Deut. 32:35) (Working Title). They may email their resume and photos to or to

Or bring their resume and photos at the following address: G/F ALTU Bldg., 77 Scout Tobias, South Triangle, Quezon City.

"The First Christmas" of Basil Valdez now available

Legendary OPM premiere balladeer and interpreter par excellance Basil Valdez returns on record and is spreading merry cheers this Holiday season with his brand new album "The First Christmas" that features a set of classic Christmas carols and tunes that all of us grew up with and love!

"The First Christmas" is off to a glorious start when Basil opens with the rousing "A Christmas Card." The arrangement, choir and vocals definitely sets the listener in a Yuletide mood, and that's just the first track.

Other songs featured in the album are: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," What Child Is This, Ave Maria, Silent Night, The Lord's Prayer, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Come All Ye Faithful, We Three Kings Of Orient Are, and O Holy Night. (Posted November 19, 2014)

27th Aliw Awards rites set Dec. 1 at Resorts World

Aliw Awards Foundation, Inc. founding President Alice H. Reyes has announced the names of the finalists for the 27th Aliw Awards rites which will be held at the Resorts World Manila on December 1, 2014 at 6:00pm. There are 50 categories of awards to be presented to the lucky winners from among 300 nominees!

The awards rites will be aired on ABS-CBN on January 4, 2015. Producer of the special event is Jumping Events Management headed by Diamzel Juacalla, Alvin Canezo, Dan de la Cruz and Nandz Dotarte.

Reyes recalled that the first Aliw Awards Night was held at the Philamlife in 1997, with Miss Pilita Corrales as the first Entertainer of the Year. Pilita and 2012 Entertainer of the Year Lisa Macuja and 2013 Entertainer of the Year Dulce topbill the list of performers on December 1.

Other performers are Jed Madela, John Lesaca, Sitti, Mitoy Yonting, Noel Cabangon, Robert Sena, Isay Alvarez. Abra, Angelos, Power Dance, Beverley Salviejo, Tanghalang SLU of Baguio City and the cast of Rak of Aegis. Elevated to Aliw's Hall of Fame are Jon Santos, Beverley Salviejo and the Halili-Cruz Dancers. (Dulce, left photo) Lifetime Achievement awardees are Boy Abunda, Lea Salonga, Baby Barredo and John Lesaca. Discovery of the Year is Missy Elizalde.

Aside from Reyes, the officers of AAFI are: Brian J. Lu, 1st VP; Frank G. Rivera, 2nd VP; Tess A.Tan, secretary; Francia Conrado, treasurer, and Sonny Valencia, PRO. Trustees are Dennis Aguilar, Leonardo Q. Belen, Efren Montano, Angelo Eloy Padua, Len Santos and Art Tapalla. Auditor is Jose Y. Dadulla, Jr. (Posted November 18, 2014) 


"Handumanan: Pasasalamat sa mga Bayani ng Haiyan" 

A group of convenors under the Haiyan Disaster Governance Initiative (HDGI) is sponsoring a free concert, "Handumanan: Pasasalamat sa mga Bayani ng Haiyan" on November 7, 2014 at 4:00pm at the Quezon City Memorial Circle as a way of expressing gratitude to the heroes and even survivors themselves who went to Tacloban City to render assistance to the victims of the super-typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda, as known locally! (Left photo, Carlo Maceda)

A statement from HDGI said: "The disaster brought so many volunteers from among our people and from all over the world to help, showing their love for us, and we want to demonstrate our people's appreciation and gratitude with this event!"

HDGI convenor filmmaker Carlo Maceda said that among celebrities participating in the free concert are sculptor Aba Dalena, Geo Ong, Imago, South Border, Banda ni Kleggy, Mayonnaise, Gracenote, Phylum Band, Myrus, and international artist Steve Steadman.

Maceda and former Tacloban City administrator lawyer Tecson Lim (photo, left) are spearheading the thanksgiving concert which is using the award-winning song "Dilim sa Liwanag," composed by Leyteno Rico Blanco as the carrier song of "Handumanan." (Posted October 29, 2014) 

GANGSTER LOLO, a dynamic, comedy movie!

A group of "lolos", who were engaged in robberies during their earlier years, now decide to become usefull citizens, and they encounter even worse problems! The action/comedy movie stars Leo Martinez (Asiong Salompas) and his gang mates played by Bembol Roco, Rez Cortes, Soxie Topacio, Pen Medina, and Boy Alano. (Photo, left, Leo Martinez)

Other members of the cast are Isabel Granada, Janice Jurado, Richard Quan, Pamela Ortiz, Archi Adamos, and Amay Bisaya.

Their robbery operations were funded by Bogart (Rylan Flores). Their illegal operations went on until the long arm of the law caught up with Asiong and his gangsters.

In their jewelry shop robbery, it was only Jack (Boy Alano) who was able to escape with the money. Alano hid the money in a tenement building managed by Hilda (Janice Jurado).

And thus, with the gangsters now in prison, the story becomes even more interesting and funny as they try to change behavior and in order to become useful citizen until such time that they are given parole. (Left photo, Rez Cortes)

"Gangster Lolo" is directed by William G. Mayo from his story and screenplay by Soxie Topacio. The movie is a joint venture between Raven Ventures and Philippine Motion Picture Directors Association. The producers are Randy Nonato, Marilou Nonato and Rylan Flores, with associate producers Edgar Peria, Aida Peria and Maureen Carlos. (Posted October 4, 2014)

"BACAO" launches Michelle Madrigal into stardom!

AFTER 10 years of playing supporting roles in the movies and TV drama series, Michelle Madrigal finally earned her first lead role in "Bacao," a romance and sensual movie written and directed by veteran director Edgardo "Boy" Vinarao. (Photo, left, Michelle Madrigal and Direk Edgardo "Boy" Vinarao)

Direk Vinarao chose Michelle to play a captivating barrio lass, Mayet, from among dozens of prospective actresses who auditioned for the role. "I was quite sure of her," Vinarao stressed.

Michelle revealed that there were about eight or more passionate kissing scenes where she was engaged in the movie. "It was all natural because it was with husband Adel (played by Arnold Reyes).

"Direk (Vinarao) and I often discussed the sensitive scenes before we take them," Miss Madrigal revealed during a press conference announcing the forthcoming movie. (Photo, left, Jun Sevilla, chairman of the board)  

"Bacao" is a compelling story that revolves around a captivating barrio lass, Mayet (Michelle Madrigal), who blossomed into a sensuous and provocative woman desired by many men but whose heart belongs only to one - her husband, Abel (Arnold Reyes).

Mayet's flourishing romance with her husband is mysteriously connected to the fertility of their village soil for growing corn. However, Mayet fails to become pregnant, and her marriage and sanity are stretched to the limit!

"Bacao," directed by multi-awarded and FAMAS Hall of Famer Boy Vinarao, and produced by Oro De Siete is one of the four entries to the Sineng Pambansa Horror plus Film Festival 2014 to be exhibited by the Film Development Council (FDCP) in all SM Cinemas nationwide starting on October 29 to November 4, 2014. (Photo, right, Marilyn "Betty" Marian)

A new movie production outfit, Oro De Siete Film Productions is headed by its chirman,Jun Sevilla; Rolly Penaflor, president; Marilyn (Betty) Marian, treasurer; Amy Fernandez, Secretary, and Albert Pascual, Sonny Tolentino, and Jimmy Bartolome, members of the board of directors. (Posted October 3, 2014)

"A Song of Praise" festival set Sept. 23

The third annual presentation of the "A Song of Praise" (ASOP)) song festival will be held tonight, September 23, 2014 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum with 12 finalists competing. The finalists were the monthly winners in a year-long competition! (Left photo, Ava Olivia Santos, interpreter of "You Are Lord of All")

The 12 finalist songs, composers, and their respective interpreters are:

1. Hangga't May Tinig Ako" (September) Composer: Jinnie Adilan; Interpreter, Daryl Ong;  2. "Awit ng Puso Ko" (October) Composer: Empol Balbin; Interpreter, Bo Cerrudo (Left photo) 

3. "Pagpupuring Walang Hanggan" (November) Composer: Cesar Montano; Interpreter, Mcoy Fundales; 4. "Sa Bawat Araw" (December) Composer: Marlon Nabia; Interprer, Shanne Velasco; 5. "Ikaw Ang Tangi Kong Minamahal" (January) Composer: Ralph Lauren Refil; Interpreter, Gail Blanco;

6. "Biyaya" (February) Composer: Meldin Nabia; Interpreter, Bayang Barrios; 7. "Tanging Gabay" (March) Composer: Amiel Villagonza; Interpreter, Rachel Alejandro; 8. "Kislap" (April) Composer: Oliver Narag; Interpreter, Jessa Mae Gabon;

9. "God Will Win Our Fight" (May) Composer: Ricardo Sanchez; Interpreter, Jek Manuel & Jason Fernandez; 10. "May Awa Ang Diyos" (June) Composer: Louise Lyle Robles; Interpreter, Beverly Caimen;

11. "You Are Lord of All" (July) Composer: Ma. Luz Esteban; Interpreter, Ava Olivia Santos; 12. "Panginoon Kay Buti Mo" (August) Composer: Jesse Bayodoc; Interpreter, Walton Zerrudo

""Interpreting a song of praise has been a blessing to my career," Ava Olivia Santos said. She was an interpreter during the first two years of ASOP, but this is her first time to make it to the finals. "I am excited," she said. "It will be my first time to sing inside the Smart-Araneta Coliseum before a huge crowd. I hope that whenever the people listen to the song, 'You Are Lord of All,' I hope they will remember me. The song will indeed stick in my heart!"

The grand winner will receive a prize of P500,000.00!

OPM balladeer Richard Reynoso and Toni Rose Gayda will host the ASOP festival. ASOP, now on its third annual  presentation, is the brainchild of Mr. Public Service himself Kuya Daniel Razon. The sole objective of ASOP is to give praises to God through original songs of praise! (Posted September 22, 2014)

"Celebrity Hour" Forum makes waves

The "Celebrity Hour" forum, convened every Saturday from 9:30 to 12 Noon at the Tiara hotel, Makati City, has been gaining grounds since it began more than a couple of months ago! It is being hosted by veteran entertainment columnist Emy Abuan and broadcast/singer Juvy de Guzman.

The Philippines' top seer Danny Atienza (photo, left), with FAMAS president Eloy Padua, produces the wholesome and exhilarating weekly showbiz forum!

Various top celebrities, including former Sen. Eddie Ilarde, have guested in the forum. (Photo, right, Juvy de Guzman, Emy Abuan, and guest actor-singer Lance Raymundo)Others are singer-actor Lance Raymundo, singer Geeh Sharma, Science High School scholar Patricia Nicole Ching, and celebrity-achievers.

The Celebrity Hour forum has also become a discovery hour for upcoming artists. It has also become a venue for the discussion of urgent issues affecting the country.

Producer Danny Atienza is now winding up the taping of the first one-season  of a mystery, intriguing weekly TV show entitled "Ano Ang Na Sa Likud Ng Pinto: The Revealation." (Right photo: Geeh Sharma, Katly Consignado and Naida Perez made-up as aswang in the "Aswang" episode of the weekly show) The show dramatizes well-entrenched beliefs and traditions which are proven to be false or have no effect or influence at all in the life of an individual. He hosts the show with Luzi Balaguer.

Mainstays of the show are Geeh Sharma, Naida Perez, Katly Consignado and Bayan dela Cruz, among others. Locations are mostly in Tanauan City.

To top his productions, Producer-Director Danny Atienza (Left photo with Katly Consignado, and below, Lance Raymundo) is also producing a movie entitled "Vengeance is Mine" starring Katly Consignado, Lance Raymundo, Carla del Rosario, Naida Perez and Bayan dela Cruz. The movie features a relentless campaign against illegal drugs but without violence. It's a bloodless campaign using direct effective tools on the hazardz of the illegal drugs.

Producer Atienza has appointed Leonardo "Nardz" Q. Belen to direct the movie project!

During a recent radio interview by anchor Ed Montealgre (DZXL), Atienza predicted that the showbiz industry is going to be dynamic and progressive in the coming years! 



"EDUKASYON" to premiere July 23 at North EDSA  SM Cinema 3

"EDUKASYON - Debosyon ng Isang Guro," will have its premiere night presentation on July 23, 2014 at Cinema 3, SM North Edsa, this was announced by its producer, Jovy Sebastian (left photo) of JMS Film Production.

The movie is a heart-rending drama and sacrifice of a remote countryside teacher whose passion to teach the poor and needy children overwhelms all other goals, including her love for the man who is so devoted to her.

The movie, directed by Bobby Benitez, was filmed on location in a remote barrio in Pangasinan.

The movie, according to Madame Jovy Sebastian, is dedicated to all teachers, whose passion for teaching is impeccable. "They are our real heroes," she stressed. "Without their dedication, our world could have been less habitable!"

"Edukasyon" stars, among others, Dianne Medina (left photo), Tommy Abuel, Daria Ramirez, Rey "PJ" Abellana, Elyza Rivera, Leandro Baldemor, and Myrnell Vanessa. Dianne Medina plays Estrella, the school teacher who sacrifices all the comforts of life just so to devote her whole life to teaching.

Elyza Rivera (right photo)plays the mother of Estrella, while Daria Ramirez plays the old-age Estrella!

The movie will be shown nationwide in all schools! It was announced during a press conference that part of the revenues will be shared by some remote schools to enhance their teaching capabilities. (Left photo, Daria Ramirez) 

Direk Bobby Benitez detailed the hardship they undertook when the movie was filmed on a hilly location deprived of comfort.

"I realized," he said, the almost unsurmountable odds teachers and the poor pupils encounter daily.(Posted July 20, 2014) 

Janis Siegel in concert tonight at Solaire Resort & Casino

Janis Siegel, lead vocalist of Manhattan Transfer, performs tonight in her solo concert, June 23, 2014 at 8:00 at the Grand Ballroom of Solaire Resort & Casino.

She will render choice cuts from her latest album, "Night Songs" which contains songs by Randy Newman, Brenda Russel, Jobim and Janelle Monae. Janis said all the songs have a languid, late-night vibe.

Guesting in her show is the vocal sextet, The Company, to sing "Shaker Songs" with her. To warm the night before the main act are Emcey Corteza and Richard Merk with top session musicians.

Janis is best remembered for her vocal arrangement for many of Manhattan Transfer's biggest hits - Boy From New York, Twilight Zone, Birdland, Shaker Song, and Smile Again. For more than 40 years, she has been with the group and they continue to tour and perform.

In the years that she has performed in the Philippines with Manhattan Transfer, Janis has established close friendships and collaborations with some of the country's music artists. One of her dearest friends was the late Bobby Enriquez who even performed in her wedding. Janis also produced an album for Jose Mari Chan. (Posted June 23, 2014)

Miss Iriga City, an elegant beauty pageant

To the disappointment, perhaps, of the men in the audience, the Miss Iriga 2014 beauty pageant held June 11, 2014 at the covered court of the city, had no swim-wear parade or the candidates in their swimsuit (bikini) parade on stage!

The 25 candidates had, instead, their simple but elegant evening wear. It was an innovation! The evening gowns were of the same design except that they were in various colors.

"We are promoting culture and our traditions," Iriga City Mayor Ronald Felix Y. Alfelor said. "A woman parading herself in swimsuit among or before a crowd elicits malicious reactions or whistles which do not at all promote a beautiful tradition, but instead, degrades the beauty of a woman!"

Mayor Alfelor said that Iriga City is being promoted as a "Character City," a city with warmth, friendship, peace and perseverance in the collective achievement of a progressive and dynamic city! (Photo right, Febelen G. Pena, 2nd Runner-up; Princess Joy C. Burce, Miss Bicol Tourism 2014; Louise Pauline Christelle B. Resolas, Miss Rinconada 2014; Marvi Ann R. de Lima, Miaa Iriga 2014, and Sarah Christine Bona, 1st Runner-up)

The youthful mayor added that the theme of this year's Miss Iriga Beauty Pageant is empowering the moral fiber of a woman. Other titles in the beauty pageant were Miss Bicol Tourism 2014 and Miss Rinconada 2014.  

Corollary to the promotions of culture and traditions, Mayor Alfelor has also began his "back to nature program," an example of which is the "Iriga City Organic Farm Center," a demonstration of farming without the use of any chemical fertilizer but only organic so that the fertility of the soil is not destroyed. It is his hope that every barangay in Iriga City will adopt organic farming. (Photo left, Angelica Baylon of the city's tourism office amidst lush "sili") 

The organic farm is already attracting visiors and enthusiasts in organic farming!(Posted June 17, 2014)

"Ganda Babae, Guwapo Lalake... Daw"

Rene Requiestas was a popular comedian, even playing side-by-side with Kris Aquino in a couple of movies. But he passed away at the height of his popularity!But here comes another Requiestas, RR Requiestas, who is exactly a copy of the late comedian. And he plays a lead role - comedy - with the star of "Ganda Babae. Guwapo Lalake... Daw" Asia Mild.

"I am not imitating Rene Requiestas," RR said, "but I am just giving justice of the fact that we are... similar in looks, body-built, color and being humorous!"

He added that perhaps he could also play the kind of roles which the late Requiestas played.Check that out in "Ganda Babae, Guwapo Lalake...Daw."

Asia Mild has appeared in two movies, and "Ganda Babae..." is her third.

"I am very passionate with my role," she said during an interview with her in her residence in Cabuyao, Laguna. "It has always been my dream to join showbiz," she stressded. "I have to give the best of myself!"

Asia exudes self-confidence. "I dream of winning recognition also, just like any movie actress. That's why I am very passionate with any role I play.Who knows, I may also be awarded the prestigious 'Best actress" trophy!

The movie stars, among others, Sonny Nada;, Miguel Ramirez, Hilda Candelaria, Katrina Soliven, Jimcen Young, Dave Fernandez, Jerry "b2" O'Brien, Wilfredo Apolinar, Popeye Andaya and Jun Jordan. (Posted June 2, 2014)

Calamba City launches 1st "Buhayani" Festival

CALAMBA CITY - Mayor Justin Marc SB Chipeco has announced here the Buhay na Bayani Festival which will be held on June 12 - 19, 2014 in time for the 153d birth anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the country's National Hero. Rizal was born in Calamba.

The Buhayani Festival celebrates the heroism of Calamba's foremost son, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

The week-long festival, with more than P1.5 million in cash prizes for winners in the various festival activities, will feature the following:

1. Larong Pinoy sa Dambanang Rizal, like Juego de Anillo, Luksong Tinik, and Cadang Cadang, among others. June 13; 2. Martza de Rizal Marching Band Competition, June 13; 3. Hawig Rizal 4. Saranggolahan ni Pepe, June 14; 5. The 1st Calambikeathon,June 15;  6. Talinong Rizal, June 16;  7. Short Films Competition 8. Buhayani Sayawindak, and 9. Buhayani Float Parade.

"We want to make our National Hero modern and relevant to today's challenging times and we want to celebrate the spirit of heroism that lives in each Filipino," Mayor Chipeco said.

Calamba City Coun. Ruth Hernandez (left photo) said that the 1st Buhayani Festival would be something spectacular, an experience to be long remembered.

Coun. Gigi Alcasid said that it would greatly promote tourism in the city because the festival will certainly create more awareness about the great things in Calamba, aside from being the town of Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

In the "Hawig Rizal" contest, Coun. Alcasid (Photo, left) explained that the National Hitorical Institute and the National Commission on Culture and the Arts will serve as judges. "This will avoid any biases," she said.

The biggest prizes are from "Buhayani Float Parade, P150,000.00, 1st prize; P100,000.00, 2nd prize, and P50,000.00, 3rd prize; Buhayani Sayawindak, P100,000.00, 1st prize; P50,000,00, 2nd prize, and P25,000,00, 3rd prize; Martza de Rizal Marching Band competition, P100,000.00, 1st prize; P75,000.00, 2nd prize, and P50,000.00, 3rd prize; Short Films, P50,000.00, 1st prize; P30,000.00, 2nd prize, and P20,000.00, 3rd prize. Saranggolahan ni Pepe, P25,000.00, 1st prize; P15,000.00, 2nd prize, and P10,000.00, 3rd prize. (Posted May 20, 2014)



Asia's Songbird endorses Vigan City's bid for the "New 7 Wonder Cities" of the world

Ms Regine Velasquez, dubbed as Asia's Songbird, has endorsed the bid of Vigan City to be among the "New 7 Wonder Cities" of the world. (Regine Velasquez, left, photo by Rica Torres, GMA 7) She made the endorsement   during the launching of the "Viva Vigan Binatbatan Festival of the Arts" at the Vigan City Convention Center on May 1, 2014. The event   was followed by a Kapuso Concert with Ms Velasquez as the solo and featured performer with local talents participating.

"There are more than enough reasons Vigan City must be voted into the new title," Ms Velasques said.

The Kapuso concert and the launching of the "Viva Vigan Binatbatan Festival of the Arts" was attended by leading Ilocos Sur officials headed by Gov. Ryan Singson. Jean Paul Dela Fuente, executive director of the "New 7 Wonder Cities" also attended the double-event.

Vigan City is the lone contender for the world title among all cities in the Philippines.

Vigan City Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina (left photo) led the launching of the N7W and appealed to all Filipinos worldwide to vote for Vigan City. She explained that with Vigan City's inclusion in the N7W, it will gain an unprecedented increase in the number of tourists, foreigners and locals alike, which will translate to an econmic growth among the people, not only in Vigan City but also for the province of Ilocos Sur.

Fifteen years ago, Vigan City was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List of Sites and Monuments. Other awards received by Vigan City were: UNESCO award for best practice in sustainable heritage management; National Gawad Pamana ng Lahi for Excellence in Governance; Galing Pook Award for Governance; Hall of Fame Awards as Best Performing Local Government Unit in the Region (1), and cleanest, greenest and safest city in the Ilocos, among others.

Vigan City is among the 28 finbalists for N7W declared in 2012! (Part of the Vigan City Heritage street early in the morning, photo, right)

Mayor Medina acknowledged  that the Kapuso concert "is another manifestation of our partnership with GMA Kapuso Network in advancing this campaign not only with our bid for N7W but also along cultural development!"

Oliver Victor B. Amoroso of GMA Network's Regional TV said that the network supports Vigan's bid. "We support every endeavor that would bring out the best in the Filipino."

The Kapuso Network earlier partnered with Vigan City for the successful production and staging of "World Costume Festival," also held at the Vigan City Convention Center. (The N7W campaign poster of Vigan City with Erica Torres of GMA 7 posing as model)

Before the show, Ms Regine Velasquez said that her weekly show, "Sarap Viva" on GMA 7, Saturdays, 9:45 a.m., has undergone several innovations which has made it more interesting and exciting for viewers. "We have been guesting real chefs and cooks to discuss for us all the secrets of delicious cooking. I have learned much from them."

The show has also incorporated regional favorites.  "We may also try exotic food," she added.  The show has a lot of opportunities for the inclusion of various recipes or style of cooking.  "With the show, I have learned so much about hosting, because I am basically a singer. Of course, the show has one component that must always be there: I sing!" Ms Velasquez stressed. (Posted May 3, 2014)

Vhong makes a grand big screen comeback

STAR Cinema continues its 20th anniversary celebration as it opens the second quarter of 2014 with the most hilarious and most out-of-this-world comedy movie of the summer season as Vhong Navarro makes a grand comeback to the silver screen in "Da Possessed."

Vhong is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and most talented comedians of his generation. His contribution in the field of comedy consists of an impressive body of work that consistently broke box-office records:

"Mr Suave" (2003), "D'Others" (2005)), and "Agent X44" (2007).

"Da Possessed" is a joint project of Star Cinema and Regal Films. The movie revolves around the peculiar story of simpleton Ramon who attempts to venture into landscape art. Ramon falls for his sexy boss but conflict begins when spirits from another world start to possessed his body, thus igniting a series of whacky and riotous events.

Also starring in the movie are John Sweet Lapus, Empoy, Smokey Manaloto, Beverly Salviejo, Lito Pimentel, Joy Viado, Matet De Leon, Aaliyah Belmoro and Joey Marquez. Direction: Joyce Bernal. (Posted April 15, 2014) 

World-famous musical "Pricilla, Queen of the Desert" premieres May 9, at Newport Performing Arts Theatre

Hot on the heels of last year's family stage triumph Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, Resorts World Manila (RWM) ups the ante with its upcoming fifth major production entitled Pricilla, Queen of the Desert. (Photo, left: Red Concepcion, Leo Tavarro Valdez and Jon Santos) Set to premiere in the country at the Newport Performing Arts Theatre (NPAT) on May 9 this year, Pricilla is a multi-award-winning musical that has taken the world by storm. The musical premierecd in October 2006 in Sydney, Australia, and opened on Broadway on March 20, 2011 to critical acclaim.

For the Philippine production, a powerhouse Filipino cast and creative team have already been rehearsing since last month. Among the big names who have signed on are Leo Tavaro Valdez as Tick/Mitzi; Jon Santos as Bernadette, Red Concepcion as Adam.Felicia, Michael Stuart Williams as Miss Understanding, Bituin Escalante, Lani Ligot and Timmy Canlas as the Divas; Pinky Marquez as Shirley, and the First Lady of Philippine Theater, Marichu Lauchengco-Yulo as Marion.

Veteran director Jaime Del Mundo will be at the helm of the musical play.

Pricilla, Queen of the Desert is an adaptation  from the 1994 film The Adventures of Pricillla, Queen of the Desert. (Posted April 7, 2014) 

Century Tuna Superbods 2014 celebrates transformations

The Century Tuna Superbods is back and it's bigger, sexier and  hotter than ever! With top actor John Lloyed Cruz joining Anne Curtis as the brand's newest endorser, Century Tuna celebrates transformations towards a healthier, sexier body.

Happening this April 25 to 27, the Century Tuna Superbods SuperChallenge once again gathers celebrities and beach lovers in the counry's ultimate summer destination, Boracay.

This year, the event takes an intriguing twist as John Lloyd is tapped to inspire loyal customers of Century Tuna to join the  Superbods SuperChallenge. For six weeks, the matinee idol will undergo the Superbods Diet and Workout Plan designed by top nutritionist Nadine Tengco and fitness trainer Coach Jim Saret.

The twists truly makes the Century Tuna Superbods even more exciting this year, as envisioned by Greg Banzon, General Manager of Century Pacific Food In.: "We all know that Century Tuna Superbods is one of the most awaited summer events in the country and this year, we did our bestto offer something new..." (Posted March 3, 2014)


"My Token of Love" charity concert set March 22

Token Lizares will topbill the charity show "My Token of Love" which will be held on March 22, 2014 at the Teatrino Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila!

Special guests artists are Richard Poon, "Kuya Germs" Moreno, Michael Pangilinan, Prima Diva Billy, Niza Limjap, A. J. Tamisa and Le Chazz. The front act will be by Alex Datu.

The concert is under the direction of Butch Miraflor.

Proceeds of "My Token of Love" will go for the renovation of the Holy Family Home, Bacolod Foundation Inc.-Re-Insertion Center, an extension center for college girls who are being trained to live independently in preparation for their re-integration into society.

Holy Family Home - Bacolod Foundation Inc. is an institution which provides residential care, protection, prevention, and rehabilitation for the abandoned, neglected, orphaned girls. It is a non-stock, non-profit and non-government organization managed by the Congregation of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family, a Congregation with Franciscan-Amigonian Spirituality. The Center is duly licensed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

For ticket inquiries, please call Ticket World, tel. (02)891-9999. Posted February 27, 2014) 

Big Time Valentine shows on Feb. 14! 

Here are three Valentine shows you can choose from: "Love Moves: Julia Fordham Live in Manila," February 14, 2014, 8pm, Grand Ballroom, Solaire Resort & Casino; "Jack Jones in a Valentine Concert," February 14, Manila Hotel, and "The King and the Diva," Leo Valdez and Kuh Ledesma, February 14, Resorts World Manila.

Resorts World Manila (RWM), the country's house of world-class entertainment, brings forth another offering of musical indulgence as two of the country's premier performers take the stage for a different kind of Valentines concert, February 14, 2014 at the RWM's award-winning Newwport Performing Arts Theater (NPAT).

Prepare for a night of passion as veteran theater actor Leo Tavarro Valdez shares the stage with the country's "Pop Diva" Kuh Ledesma for a one-night-only concert dubbed "The King and The Diva: Beyond Classic."

Sharing the stage for the first time, Valdez and Ledesma will deliver a delightful show filled with love songs from then and now, and plenty of feel good music. The duet will also display their theater forays with memorable songs from hit productions like "Rama Hari", "Miss Saigon", "The King and I" and "Evita."

Leo's credentials speak for itself. With critically acclaimed performances, including a long tenure as The Engineer in Mackintosh's megahit musical "Miss Saigon", Leo has established his name among the greats of Philippine performing arts. For playing the lead in RWM's "King and I" in 2012, he won the Best Actor Award in a Musical Production conferred by Aliw Awards during its 25th Aliw Awards presentation.

Kuh's entertainment career on the big stage, spans 35 years with more than 1,000 concerts and counting. She has earned numerous awards for music, including "Best Asian Performer" during the 19th Asia Pacific Excellence Awards and the Dangal ng Musikang Pilipino Award at the 25th Awit Awards! 

Having sold millions of records around the world, critically acclaimed British singer-songwriter Julia Fordham is expected to perform her biggest hits, like Where Does Time Go, I Can't Myself, Love and Forgiveness, Love Moves in Mysterious Ways, Loving You, among others.

Proceeds of the show will be donated to Habitat for Humanity and the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation's trauma and healing sessions for the Yolanda victims.

Jack Jones' show, Jack Jones in a Valentine Cocert, will have its proceeds also for the Yoland victims.

Jack Jones rose to fame during the 60s when he bacame famous not only for his songs but also for the fact tha he was young, attractive and  unlike music idols of the time, he was well-groomed.

He is expected to perform his biggest hits, among which are: Lollipops and Roses, Wives and Lovers, Where Love Has Gone, The Impossible Dream, What I Did For Love, With One More Look At You, The Theme From Love Boat, The Windmill, and If You Go Away.

Rhodora X airs January 27 on GMA 7

Rhodora X, a highly-stimulating and thought-provoking drama series, begins airing on January 27, exploring a mental disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)! Or split personality!

The show stars Jennlyn Mercado, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Mark Herr and Yasmien Kurdi.

Jennlyn plays Rhodora/Roxanne. Rhodora, as a young girl, experienced extreme physical and emotional abuse; abducted and taken away from her family. As Roxanne, when she grew up, she suffers split personality.

Roxanne is  confident and smart woman but also scheming and manipulative. She hates  her sister Angela so much to the point she will do everything to get what Angela has - the affection of their mother, and Angela's love, Joaquin (Mark Herras).

Yasmien plays Angela, Joaquin's fiancee. She blames herself for the disappearance of Rhodora. Angela becomes so happy when Rhodora is rescued and the family reunited. Somehow, Angela is mysteriously framed up and put to jail!

The story intensiies! (Posted January 20, 2014)


Bianca King on TV5's "Obsession"

Airing at 8:00 p. m. on January 23, 2014, Bianca King will topbill "Obsession," TV5's weekly psycho drama! Bianca will undergo several transformations, including comestic reconstruction so that she could win back her former lover!

Also in the cast are Marvin Agustin, Neri Naig and Martin Escudero, among others. Bianca said that her role in "Obsession" is more challenging than all the previous roles she had played in other TV dramas! Where before she was the usual victim, now she is the manipulative kind of a person, unstoppable in claiming back what she believes really belongs to herself.

Bianca is with TV5 not as a contract artist, but only for the project, which she said, "I cannot resist. It's so beautiful!"

During the presscon announcing the new weekly TV drama, Bianca is still a contract artist of GMA7. "I'm very thankful to GMA7 for having allowed me to do this project of TV5," Bianca stressed. "I can really spread my wings!"

She also expressed her gratitude to TV5 for its warm welcome and the support it's giving to her!

Describing her own role as "scheming and manipulative, and I like that in my own way, but I do it for the common good...!"

Bianca also studied film directing, and she would like to explore it later in her career." (Posted January 18, 2014)

Riamicah, 14, wins "Idol Showdown"

A junior high school student Riamicah B. Miole, (photo, left) won the first prize in the recently-held "Idol Showdown Amateur Singing Competition, "Lttle" category which was held at the Barangay Pag-asa, Sitio Siwang, Floodway 8, San Juan, Taytay, Rizal.

Organizers of the singing competitions were Efren Tayo, Reynaldo Valencia, Eva Valle Hurtado and Gina Baladres, all members of the Nagkakaisang Tinig Neighborhood Association.

Taytay Mayor Janet de Leon Mercado, (Photo, left, below) special guest during the affair, assured the organizers that she would support the regular holding of the singing contest to help discover and develop Taytay talents.

Mayor Mercado donated major prizes to the winners of the idol showdown. Other municipal officials who attended the affair were Vice Mayor Bonoy Gonzaga, Councilors Archie Calderon and Pia Cabral.

Members of the board of judges were Rey Valencia, Ederlyn Vasquez, Maryjoy Abac, Ma Elisa Baladares, and Movie Director Nardz Belen.

Christelle Ann de Leon and Mrs. Ma Pamela Espinosa emceed the idol showdown. (Posted December 12, 2013)


A New Year's Eve Toast with Pops Fernandez

For a more fun New Year's Eve Celebration, have a toast with the Concert Queen Pops Fernandez during the Solaire Countdown to 2014 on December 31, 2013, from 9:00pm to 2:00am at the Solaire Hotel & Casino! (Photo, left, Pops & Joey)

"I am really excited about the countdown, Pops said during an intimate presscon at the Eclipse bar of the hotel. "It's the first time that Solaire is coming up with a countdown." The show, "Toast," will also feature Pops' son Robin and Side A's Joey Generoso.

Pops said she will have separate production numbers with Robin and Joey. She will also be singing some of her hit songs. Other songs she will be singing will cover the '60s, 70s' and the 90's. (Photo, left: Solaire's Vice President & Marketing Manager Jasper Evangelista, Pops, and Joey)

Pops also explained that the concert is designed to help strengthen hopes "among all of us - even though we were n0t directly affected by Yoland - because the unprecedented devastation the super typhoon wrought somehow cut deep wounds in our psyche!"

"Let's get back to ourselves and let us enjoy the countdown to New Year 2014!" Pops stressed.

Pops has been in showbiz for about 30 years, and her passion for her craft earned for her the "Concert Queen" title. Practically all her concerts were the top earners in the country.

To her fans and those who may be aspiring to become top celebrities, Pops said: "Be true to your self and have a consistent genuine passion for your craft!" (Posted December 12, 2013)



David Pomeranz dedicates concert to Yolanda victims

International romantic balladeer David Pomeranz, an "adopted son of the Philippines," will perform in a "four-in-one" special benefit show at the splendid Bar360 of Resorts World Manila on November 29, Friday starting at 9pm.

A frequent performer in the Philippines, his show is his third in the country within this year.

The show will offer free drinks and a special album courtesy of ETalent Entertainment, distributed by MCA Universal. A portion of the ticket purchase will go to the victims of Yolanda.

Dubbed as the "King of Hearts," his latest album, David Pomeranz: Now and Forever, under ETalent Entertainment and distributed by MCA Universal, features 11 tracks and four bonus instrumentals.

David Pomeranz is being managed by ETalent Management and Entertainment under Ms Annabelle Regalado-Borja. For booking, contact 09195896284 or email November 13, 2013)


The US hit show "Killer Karaoke," with its Philippine  version, "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman," will premiere on October 16 on TV5 after "Tropa Mo Ako Unli."

Hosted by master-of-disguise Michael V, the phenomenal US show guarantees your weekly dose of laughter as contestants attempt to sing while facing crazy "distractions" like snakes, spiders, and what have you.

The Philippine version will be spiced up with Pinoy touches, with Michael V or Bitoy injecting his own style of comedy.

The first Pinoy episode of the show will have Ogie Alcasid and Eula Caballero as among the six guests or challengers. The winner - who can finish a song - will receive a prize of P100,000.00. (Left photo, Eula Caballero)

Ogie, a very close friend of Bitoy, described the show as very funny and exciting. He was asked to sing "Pusong Bato" while performing the tasks assigned to him.

"It was my worst singing performance! I wanted to finish the song butI could not," he said.

I would not like to reveal why he was unable to finish the song. Better watch the show and you will be tickled with laughter!

"I am very happy for Bitoy for having been chosen by TV5 to host the show," Ogie said during a break in the taping. "He is the best guy for the show!"

"We are like long-lost brothers," that's how Ogie described his friendship with Bitoy. "We have a lot of mutual respect and mutual admiration for each other. We love each other's wishes. We love each other's families, we are close neighbors, we have very precious relationships!"

Ogie added that Bitoy's joining TV5 is like a reunion with him. Ogie earlier transferred to TV5 from GMA 7 where both are the mainstays of "Bubble Gang," a long-running comedy show.

Bitoy has not actually left GMA 7, for his hosting of "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman" is on a contractual basis only. Bitoy earlier said that he is on a per project basis only for any TV network.

Eula Caballero, one of the young TV5 talents, said that she is very much afraid of snakes, and she would not like it as an obstacle to her singing in the show.

Eula is so passionate with her acting career. "I would like to become like one of those established actresses. I want to succeed - yes, succeed!"

This can be the reason she does not have a boy friend, though she goes out dating with a friend now and then. "It's all dating," she confessed. "Nothing serious, no commitment."

Well, she must be the young actress to watch! (Posted November 10, 2013) 



26th Aliw Awards presentation set Oct 8, 2013

The Aliw Awards Foundation will hold its 26th awards presentation on October 8, 2013 at the Manila Hotel's Fiesta Pavilion.

About 24 awards categories for live performances will be presented, aside from special awardees.

To be honored are Manila Bulletin's Entertainment Editor Crispina M. Belen, Philippine Star Entertainment Editor Ricky F. Lo, and Lirio Vital who will come from the United States to receive her Aliw trophy.

Aliw Awards Foundation is headed by Junne Quintana, president. Other officers and board members are Brian Lu, 1st Vice President; Frank Rivera, 2nd Vice President; Tess Tan, secretary; Frncia Conrado, Treasurer; Sonny Valencia, PRO; Jose Dadulla, auditor, and trustees Dennis Aguilar, Leonardo Q. Belen, Ofelia Cajigal, Sylvia Cruz, Efren Montano, Angelo Eloy Padua, Len Santos and Art Tapalla.

Ex-officio members of the board are Founding President Alice H. Reyes and past president Rema T. Manzano.

Sponsors of the 26th Aliw Awards Night are San Miguel Corporation, McDonald's, Absolute, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, Cocoon Botique hotel, Right Harvest, Media Line, Erase Placenta, Manila Global Bokers Realty & Development, Villa Maria Luisa Hotel, and People's Journal as media partner. (Posted October 1, 2013)  

10 Fil-Ams dream of becoming Pinoy Celebrities

They are in Manila now - 10 Fil-Ams endowed with various talents - singing, acting, dancing and hosting - hoping to make it here as Pinoy Celebrities!

They are Jennifer Habana, Tommy Esguerra, Renzo Vergara, Jeminah Garcia, Jaron Liclican, Matthew Wong, Robbyn Concepcion, Allen Mendoza, Nathan Concepcion, Ian Baclig, and Karen Ann Cabrera.

Showbiz had the opportunity to talk with Jennifer-Frances Rosales Habana, or in short, Jenny Habana. She graduated at the University of California with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Law and Society; Master of Business Administration, Devry University.

She used to work for a bank, but then her career took a sudden change - into the arts of showbiz, and here she is in the Philippines with a big dream of becoming a great Pinoy Celebrity.

"I started in the StarCamp as singer but I discovered that I can also act, so I wanted to develop that potential," Jenny explained. StarCamp is like the Artists' Center of GMA 7, or the Magic Circle of ABS-CBN.

"I can play any role which is challenging to me. I will give it 100% of myself," she sstressed.

Recently, Jenny appeared as a controvida in a short film done in the US. "Modesty aside, those who saw the film described my acting that "I did it very well!"

"Whether singing or acting, I believe that I can do it." Jenny added. She proved it during a mini-show participated by the 10 Film-Ams after the interview. Jenny took up acting workshops in the US.

"That's how I developed my acting skills," Jenny said. She also took modelling and hosting workshops.

She however said that she is not ready yet for a kissing scene in a movie role. "I want to take it slowly. I want to surprise the audience."

"I have no boyfriend yet," Jenny also revealed. "I want to concentrate on my career!"

How does she envision herself in the next three years? "I want to become a full-grown movie star, and perhaps even win an award!"

Jenny also stressed: "I want to try every role, make something out of it, make a difference!"

Given the choice of residence? "I really want to live here in the Philippines though my family is in the US. It's beautiful here!"Jenny concluded.

Jaron Liclican, who resides in Milpitas, California, is a singer-actor.

"I took up workshops for vocal," Jaron said. "But it was my father who really taught me singing. He is a singer!"

Jaron stressed that he wants to pursue a singing career. Also as an actor or even behind the cameras.

"I also dream of becoming a producer for a network. I want to make a difference!"

Jaron hopes to become a total performer, as singer and actor.

"I want to focus myself in my career," he stressed. "That's why I do not have a girlfriend yet!"

After the conversation with him, the 10 Film-Ams presented a brief concert which turned out splendid. They are really what it takes to become excellent or total performers! (Posted July 19, 2013)

The FITNESS COUPLE, a must-watch

"The Fitness Couple,"  which airs Sundays, 8:30 - 9:00 a. m. on Net 25, is a must to watch if you really want to enjoy a healthful life!

The show gives some tips on secrets to a romantic and sustainable fitness lifestyle, beauty, food and wellness and the latest and amazing health trends in the fitness world. Featured are some celebrities in the fields of sports, education, entertainment, arts and culture. (Photo above, right, Sidney & Liza Schneider)

Sidney and Liza Schneider produce and host the show, with multi-award-winning TV/Film director Wili Schneider as the director.

In its July 14, 2013 (Sunday) edition, The Fitness Couple features its wonderful journey to Cambodia followed by its awesome adventure in Vietnam.

Out of their love for each other and their children, and their passion for good quality life, Sidney and Liza made a commitment to a lifetime of fitness three years ago. They studied fitness training, joined and won in fitness competitions.

Their 16-year old son Zedric has a Teen Fitness segment in the show, while their 8-year old son Zavier has also his own segement, Kid Fitness.

As a couple and family, Sidney and Liza also take us with them on their fun adventures, beauty and wellness, travel, food tripping, health and fitness breakthroughs. (Posted July 12, 2013) 

Search for World SuperModel Philippines 2013 0n

The World Super Model Philippines  launched its search for the World Super Model Philippiones 2013 during ceremonies held June 15, 2013 at the Eurotel, Quezon City.

Cristina Villanueva-Villafana, executive producer, said that the World Super Model Philippines 2013 is now accepting applicants, aged between 20-30 years, the winner to compete in the World Super Model crown to be held in Queensland, Australia.(Photo, right, Aiyana Camille "AJ" Mikiewics, Miss Tourism World Philippines 2013; Cristina Villanueva-Villafana, Executive Producer, WSMP2013, and Brenna Gamboa,World Super Model 1st Runner-up 2011)

She added that the project would produce the best, talented and gorgeous young Filipinas who would like to start their careers in modeling, as well as possibly bagging the crown in the World Super Model competition.(Brenna Gamboa, photo, left)

The modeling pageant Philippines is on its first year under Francisco Z. Blanco Jr., national director of World Super Model Philippines and who has been entrusted the franchise by the global World Supermodel to run the pageant in the Philippines.

The modeling pageant will have 25 final candidates from across the country competing for the title of World Supermodel Philippines 2013.

Prospective candidates may forward their applications to email addresses: or, or visit WSMP2013, Unit 209, Centro Plaza Condo, Scout Madrinan corner Scout Torillo St., South Triangle, Quezon City.(Aiyana Camille "AJ" Mikiewics, photo,right)

The World Supermodel Philippines aims to enhance the personality of the candidates even as it inculcates in them the significance of the country's diverse culture, and the fact that there is an increasing demand for Asian models, particularly Filipinas.

A career in modeling promises not only national honor and integrity, but international prestige as well which may earn for the model a great potential for financial rewards. The World Super Model Philippines is opening the gates for such possibilities for Filipina models! (Posted June 17, 2013)


A cause-oriented full-length movie co-production focused on the environment, particularly waste management and the 3Rs. Subscribers are invited, please click "Partnership For A Cause."

Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja's command performances this October 

The Philippines' top Prima Ballerina, Lisa Macuja, has been slated to give comand performances during weekends this October 2012, starting with "Don Quixote," October 5, 7:30 pm, and October 7, 5:30 pm at the Aliw Theater, Pasay City, featuring Mikhail Martynyuk, Principal Dance of Kremlin Ballet and the Manila Symphony Orchestra with Alexander Vikulov, guest conductor.

The Prima Ballerina said it has always been her dream to play the lead role, that of Kitri, in Don Quixote. She got it while she was in a scholarship grant in Russia, and since then she has played the role about 20 times or more.

The first time she performed it in Moscow, she was given a 25-minute standing ovation. I had to pinch myself, she revealed, to make sure that I was not dreaming!

We were able to catch up with her  October 7, 2012 performance of Don Quixote, and we witnessed her unfading power, dynamism and energy playing the role of Kitri!

Her next weekend performances are on October 19, 2012 at 7:30 pm, playing Giselle, and October 21, 2012 at 5:30 pm at the Aliw theater.

Giselle, according to Miss Macuja, is one of the most beloved ballets of all time. Miss Macuha describes Giselle: As a two-act romantic classic which has consumed me in different was it is possible to dance her. Giselle doesn't run, she floats. Giselle doesn't balance, she hovers. Giselle doesn't jump, she flies...!

Giselle features David Makhateli, international guest art, and the Manila Symphony Orchestra, Alexander Vikulov, guest conductor.

Finally on October 26 and 27, 2012 at the Star Theater, Miss Macuja will perform Carmen, in Carmen.

Carmen is an adult ballet with a PG rating. Whether Carmen comes out as a slut, a seductress, a witch, or a victim of circumstances, Carmen is a woman determined to survive, using any means at her disposal in order to so!

Catch up with these ballet series, because these are the "farewell performances" of Miss Macuja, the country's top Prima Ballerina! (Posted October 8, 2012)


Anne Curtis endorses five-variant San Mig Coffee Super packs

Well-known celebrity movie actress Anne Curtis said it was her being an active personality that she was chosen as the endorser of the latest San Miguel products, the San Mig Coffee Super Packs.

Anne Curtis is one of the biggest stars in show business today. Aside from doing movies and commercials, she co-hosts for ABS-CBN's "Showtime."

"It's all about hard work, being patient and true to one's self," Anne stressed. And though she is not a singer, she has already recorded her first album, "Annebisyosa," and after which, she appeared in her solo and SRO concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

"I am not a singer," she said. "I am an entertainer."

"There's no idle moment for me as I go through numerous tapings, shoots, rehearsals and concerts. I enjoy work and I want to be at my peak all the time," she said.

And coffee, she said, gives me the perks. "I am a regular coffee drinker and drinking coffee helps me a lot during a busy day. The good thing about San Mig Coffee Super packs is that there is a variant for each time of the day. They boost energy!"

The new coffee packs contain energy-releasing B vitamins such as B1, B2 and B6. (Posted September 15, 2012)


Though Angelica Jones, a celebrity, is about to give birth to her first child as of this writing, she said that she will not set aside her mandate from her constituents.

Miss Jones is a member of the Laguna Provincial Board. Before she got elected - this is her first term - Miss Jones had been rendering public service, and doing charity works especially for women in the province of Laguna.

The man who sired the child has apparently abandoned Miss Jones.

"I trusted him so much, yes, I loved him so much," the provincial board member stressed. "But I won't force him to acknowledge my baby as his! I will just move on and attend to my constituents, because they give me strength and support!"

Before she joined politics in her homeprovince, Miss Jones was very active in showbis as an actress, TV host and in live, stage performances as singer.

It appears however that Miss Jones has always been the victim of controversies. but she always managed to overcome such controversie. (Photo, right, a friend Judith P. Sto. Domingo of USAID Philippines, Jones and her mother Beth during the baby shower for her child)

She is indeed a survivor, Miss Jones who was described with a flawless beauty! (Posted September 4, 2012)

30th Film Academy of the Philippines' Luna Awards

Laguna Gov. Jeorge "ER" Ejercito finally won the "Best Actor" award during the Luna Awards presentation held on August 26, 2012 at the Quezon City Sports Club. Ejercito is the lead star of the black and white movie "Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story."

The movie was an official entry during the December, 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival which won 11 major prizes except for the "Best Actor" award which was won by Dingdong Dantes for the movie "Segunda Mano."

"Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story" is based on the life of notorious and much fearedTondo crime kingpin Nicasio Asiong Salonga who lived Robin Hood style in the 1950s.   

Maja Salvador won the "Best Actress" award for her lead role in "Thelma," the story of a young woman who discovers her talent for speed, pursues it and wins all top prizes in all track and field races, and thus earns much money to support her very poor family living in a remote village in Ilocos Norte.

Other awards won by "Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story" were:

"Best Supporting Actor," John Regala (Photo, left); "Best Production Design," Fritz Silorio and Mona Silorio; "Best Sound," Albert Michael Idioma, and "Best Editing," Jason Cahapay and Ryan Orduna.

Other awards won by "Thelma" were: ""Best Director," Paul Soriano; "Best Screenplay," Froiloan Medina and Paul Soriano; and "Best Cinematography," Odyssey Flores.

Lovi Poe won the "Best Supporting Actress" award for the movie "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," while Raul Mitra won the "Best Musical Score" award for the movie "No Other Woman."

The Film Academy presented a posthumous award to Comedy King Dolphy, the Golden Reel Award! Mar Lopez, UFIMDAP treasurer, right photo, received the award for Dolphy.

Other special awardees were Augusto Salvador, FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award; Manuel Jun Urbano, Manuel de Leon Award for Exemplary Achievement, and Ben Feleo, Don Escudero, and Jose Batac, Lamberto Avellana Memorial Award. 


The awards ceremonies were hosted by Katya Santos and Rez Cortez, and Melba Paguia, left photo, was among the entertainers. She has just released her debut album.(Posted August 27, 2012) 



"PROTEGE," GMA 7's biggest showbiz reality TV show, has sparked the most intense competition for stardam, with 20 finalists from different regions of the country. What makes it entirely suspenseful is that the 20 original finalists were handpicked by veteran actors and actresses who went to their assigned region to meticulously choose the aspirants.

The grand finale  of Protege will be hosted by Carla Abellana, Journey Host; Dingdong Dantes, Live Gala Presenter; Jennylyn Mercado, Inside Protege Host, and Maxene Magalona, Protege Web Jock.

The judges will be composed of Bert de Leon, Director; Joey de Leon, Comedian, TV host, Songwriter; Cherrie Gil, Actress, and Annette Gozon-Abrogar, GMA Films President.


UNTV at 8th

The public service network, UNTV, celebrated its 8th anniversary at the 1 Esplanade, Mall of Asia Complex with songs, dances and music!

Movies & Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) Chairperson Grace Poe Llamanzares cited UNTV for its excellent free public service programs.

The MTRCB chief said "that UNTV has never been a problem to us, but instead, its programs are full of family values!" She was special guest of honor during the network's 8th anniversary celebration.

"Mr. Public Service" himself, Kuya Daniel Razon, headed the network's celebration. Kuya Daniel is greatly responsible for innovative programs of UNTV.

He has also initiated and implemented such free services programs such medical missions being done daily, free transportation for senior citizens, free college eduations, free transient home, and such other urgent and relevant programs that benefit the less fortunate in society.

For the Network's 8th anniversary celebration, Kuya Daniel announced new or reformatted programs for UNTV: "Bahay," a weekly light drama focusing on the real essence of love and unity at home, toopbilled by Brando Legaspi, Charmaine Santiago, Jannel, Anna, Moonlight and Toni Rose Gayda; "Huntaha," a daily radio talk show now a weekly TV program hosted by George Erwin Garcia and Jocas Castigador and Beth Santiago; mailto:Police@Your%20Service, a police matter talk show hosted by Ms Louella Decordova and Director of Police Community Relations Group, Police Chief Superintendent Agrimero Cruz Jr., among others. (Nardz Belen, posted July 27, 2012) 




The much awaited regular showing of the fantasy-action-drama movie, "PINOY SUPER KID" starring multi-awarded Buboy Villar as the young crusader, will start on August 1, 2012 in selected Metro Manila theaters, according to producer Engr. Edwin C. Lagadi. (Photo, right, Buboy Villar, Robert Miller as they are given instructions by Direk Nardz Belen before a take)

The movie had its premiere night presentation July 14 at the prestigious Meralco theater, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.

Written and directed by Leonardo "Nardz" Q. Belen, "PINOY SUPER KID" stars veteran artists Mark Lapid, Suzette Ranillo, Rey "PJ" Abellana, Mon Confiado, Robert Miller, Joel Ortega, Edwin Reyes, Nina Dolino, Raja Montero, Princess Armillos, Jay Christian, Jerould Aceron, Ayla Mendero, and Carla del Rosario, among others. (Posted July 23, 2012)



UNTV, the public service channel, has enhanced its weekly medical show, "Doctors on TV with "reality" content!

The show airs every Sunday from 7:00 to 8:00 a. m. on UNTV.

"Doctors on TV is hosted by Dr. Juan Maria Ibarra O. Co,Dr. Jose Miguel Ibarra, Ms Daisy Reyes, with the participation of Dr. Albert Adrales, nutraceutical expert Ms Yas Muralla, and Ms Lyn Perez as segment hosts.

The medical reality show delivers inspiring health stories, as well as glimpse of medical professionals working with real patients who are being confronted with real health crises. The program's main thrust is the thrust of UNTV which us to provide public service by health awareness and free medical services to indigent patients through Clinic Ni Kuya and Kamanggagawa Foundation, Inc.

Among the segments are Naturally yours," "Weigh A Minute," and "Health Update."

Dr. Mike Vergara (photo, above) is a medical acupuncturist and has spent 20 years of his medical career in the most remote areas in over 60 provinces, serving the poorest of the poor communities promoting wellness and caring for the sick through integrative medicine, using a combination of modern medicine with centuries-old healing arts of acupuncture, herbal and nutraceutical treatment, among others.

Ms Daisy Reyes, a former beauty queen turned-movie actress then a politician - currently 2nd District councilor of Pateros, Rizal, provides the lighter side of the show with various personality tips, exercises and workouts. 

Daisy has appeared in movies with some of the country's artists. She is too a lover of music, it being her first love and passion. A happily married mother, her daughter is Gabrielle Lauren. (Posted June 25, 2012) 


"Pinoy Super Kid" on its final post-prod stages

The fantasy-action-drama movie, "Pinoy Super Kid" which yours truly directed, is now on its final stages of post-production. Produced by Las Vegas-based Engr. Edwin C. Lagadi, the movie has multi-awarded Buboy Aguilar (Amaya, Panday 2) playing the super kid.

Other stars in the movie are former Pampanga Gov. Mark Lapid, veteran drama artist Suzette Ranillo, Rey "PJ" Abellana, Mon Confiado, Robert Miller, Amay Bisaya, Jay Christian, Jayrould Aceron, Aila Mendero, Princess Amerillos, among others.

"Pinoy Super Kid" is among the few Filipino movies which are entirely in English dialogues. Why?

Because the biggest market of the movie industry is still the English-speaking countries, or places where English is easily understood.

"We would like to project the Filipino English, that's our stand. You do not need to speak English the way Americans, British or Australians do. We have our own unique way of speaking English, like what the Indians do, the Mexicans, the Australians, the Texans, the New Yorkers or even those of LA.

"I was surprised myself at the proficiency of the actors in expressing themselves in English, in their own respective style and character! Distinctly Filipino, or even Visayan or Ilocano! Let's be proud of our Filipino English!" (Posted April 9, 2012)


2011 Metro Manila Film Festival politicized?

Movie aficionados say that it's illogical for a movie to win all the major awards except for the Best Actor Award!

"Manila Kingpin - The Asiong Salonga Story," an entry in the recently-concluded 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival, won 11 major awards: Best Picture, Best Director (Tikoy Aguiluz), Gatpuno Villegas Cultural Award, Best Screenplay (Roy Iglesias & Ray Ventura), Best Supporting Actor (John Regala), Best Cinematography (Carlo Mendoza), Best Original Theme Song (La Paloma by Ely Buendia), Best Musical Score (Jerry Lazaten), Best Sound Recording (Mike Idioma), Best Editing (Jason Canapay & Ryan Orduna), and Best Production Design (Fritz Siloria, Mona Soriano & Ronaldo Cadapan).

Lead male star Laguna Gov. Jeorge Estregan (photo, above) who played Asiong Salonga lost to Dingdong Dantes who did not even attend the awards night. Dingdong's absence was an insult to the film fest.

Why politicized: The movie aficionados said that former President Joseph Estrada, an uncle of Estregan, was the closest rival of Pres. Noynoy Aquino during the May 10, 2010 presidential elections.

Days before the awards night, Kris Aquino, presidential sister, reportedly vowed that she would make "gulo" or "magwawala" if Dingdong Dantes would not win the "Best Actor" award. Dingdong is her leading man in the movie "Segunda Mano," also an entry in the 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival headed by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Francis N. Tolentino. (Posted January 2, 2012)

Manila Kingpin The Asiong Salonga Story - A Blockbuster!

We saw the premiere night screening of "Manila Kingpin - The ASIONG SALONGA Story" and we are quite convinced that it's going to be a box office blockbuster in the forthcoming 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival which will be ushered in by a Parade of Stars on December 24, 2011 in Metro Manila.

Filmed in black & white, it stars Laguna Governor Jeorge Estregan and Carla Abellana. The movie features the true-to-life story of notorious Tondo kingpin Asiong Salonga who lorded it over the disrtrict, committing murder, homicide, hold-ups, illegal possession of firearms, and prison fugitive. Asiong Salonga died in October 7, 1951.

I was wondering myself - when I have'nt seen the movie yet why it was done in black & white. The answer is clear: it could not have been done better, because as a black & white movie, it really brings back the reality of those times when Asiong Salonga became the most feared criminal in Tondo, Manila.(Photo, right, Carla Abellana and Jeorge Estregan)

Film critics and aficionados believe that the movie deserves to be voted as the Best Picture, Jeorge Estregan for Best Actor, John Regala for Best Supporting Actor. The photography is also superb. It follows that Tikoy Aguiluz must be the Best Director!

Inside sources said that "Manila Kingpin - The Asiong Salonga Story" was produced in the tune of P75 M! (Posted December 19, 2011) 

"Funtastic Media Nite" set Nov. 25

Balladeer Anthony Castelo will headline the initial presentation of the dinner-musical FUNTASTIK MEDIA NITE which will be held on November 25, 2011 at the Aberdeen Court/Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. 

Funtastik Media Nite is designed to provide a wholesome entertainment for media men and women as well as the general public which music lovers.  

The balladeer is expected to sing the songs which he popularized, like Kaibigan, Balatkayo, Nang Dahil Sa Pag-ibig, Ibig Kong Ibigin Kita, Hahanapin Ko, Maghihintay Ako Sa Iyo, and Bulaklak, among others.

Definitely, Anthony Castelo will mesmerize you with his breattaking rendition of his songs!

For reservations, please call Fely, 413-0682 * 0923-6935112 * 09285540682

Raia Quiroz releases debut album  

Sixteen-year old Raia Quiroz, beautiful, charming and eloquent, has released her debut album entitled "Raia Quiroz - Tara Na."

Raia prepared much for her album, taking up all the necessary workshops to polish her singing, acting and dancing. She was introduced to media during a dinner held at the Penthouse of the Rembrandt hotel. Raia sang some of her songs featured in her album and she earned a big applause from the press.

The songs featured are "Baby Sorry Na," "Hay Naku," "Muntik Na," Para Kang Cellphone," "Mini-Mini Maynimo," "Pangarap," "Ikaw Lang," and "Tara Na, Tayo Na."

Raia will also be performing in the initial presentation of Funtastikl Media Nite, courtesy of her manager, Lito de Guzman, on November 25, 2011 at the Aberdeen Court/Great Eastern Hotel. (Posted October 6, 2011)