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1. Plan meals and control your weight; 2. Eating according to your meal plan

3. Never skip meals; 4. It is important that you measure your food

5. Monitor your sugar in the urine or blood; 5. Exercise regularly

6. Take care of your skin, teeth and feet; 7. Take the right medicine

8. Avoid stress


BAKED PRODUCTS - Cakes, Cookies, Doughnuts, Pies, Pudding, Tarts, Native Kakanin (sweets), like biko, sapin-sapin, etc.

BEVERAGES - Powdered sweetened chocolate drinks; beer and other alcoholic beverages such as punch, cordial; and sweetened fruit drinks.

MEAT PRODUCTS - Sweet Chinese ham, Tocino, canned meat with sugar added.

MILK & DAIRY PRODUCTS - Condensed milk, ice cream, milk shake sundaes

SUGAR & SUGAR PRODUCTS - Honey, chocolates, molasses, pastillas, candies, marmalade, yema, sweetened deserts (leche flan, macapuno, kaong, nata, haleya, etc.) - From the Division of Nutrition & Dietetics, Philippine Heart Center (Posted April 7, 2011)


FASTING, according to studies made by the International Medical Center Heart Institute (Utah),  is good for the health and the heart.

In an article, "Benefits of Fasting," written by David A. Gabriel for Environmental News Network (ENN), he cited the study that when a person fasts, "the body releases more cholesterol which uses fat as a source of fuel rather than glucose. This causes fat cells to reduce which leads to a lower risk of diabetes."

Fasting is not however recommended for any expanded time. Building up cholesterol levels too high is not healthy. However, done periodically, for a 24-hour period has some beneficial effects, according to the article.

Some ardent "fasters" do it once a week or twice a month, either partial or full fasting. For partial fasting, you take in only five pieces of non-salted biscuits or one apple and glasses of water during a 24-hour period; for full fasting, you take in nothing solid except water for the same 24-hour period! 

The same article also says that "fasting lowers the risk of coronary artery disease and diabetes, as well as regulate blood cholesterol levels."

Fasting also "reduces other cardiac risk factors such as trigilyceries, weight, and blood sugar levels." (Posted April 5, 2011)

Testing Your Blood Sugar

According to Healthy Advice, a key part of managing diabetes is keeping your blood sugar under control. To do this, measure it regularly. How often you test your blood sugar depends on your treatment plan and your doctor's recommendations.

Because blood sugae levels are always changing, it's a good idea to write them down so you can keep track of how and when they change.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends these blood sugar levels:

* Before a meal: 70 - 130 mg/dl

* After a meal: less than 180 mg/dl (Posted March 30, 2011)



,Matt Clarkson (The Mind-Body Training Companys) advises that we undertake four regular exercises:

1. Cardio-vascular training, 2. Strength training, 3. Flexibility training, and 4. Inner body/spiritual training.


Diabetes Philippines is the primary NGO campaigning intensively on diabetes awareness. The five messages are: Don't smoke. Eat right, Exercise, Watch your weight, and Relax.



It does not necessarily follow that when one has acquired diabetes that he is already condemned to a life of horror, but inspite of the disorder, one can still enjoy a full life! (Photo at left. Dr. Tommy Ty Willing, Diabetes Philippines president)

Diabetes is manageable if one follows religiously the measures as may be prescribed by a physician! Better still, diabetes is preventable - it's a matter of lifestyle that one is engaged in!

During a press briefing conducted by the Diabetes Philippines held at the Century Park Hotel in connection with the World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2010, three speakers from the Diabetes Philippines stressed the manageability and control of the disorder. 

Dr. Tommy V. Ty Willing, Diabetes Philippines president, said that worldwide, there are now about 285 million people affected by diabetes, and in the Philippines about six million or a little more.

Diabetes Philippines is the biggest non-government organization leading the diabetes awareness campaign.

Diabetes has a serious economic impact to those who are affected by the disorder, but this can be lessened if the affected person adheres strictly to management measures for the affliction.

The absence of social insurance, the doctor added, takes much toll on the finances of those affected by the disorder. In other countries where there is social insurance, the diabetic person only shoulder a minimum part of the expenses.

But diabetes can be prevented, if people practice a kind of lifestyle that is not susceptible of acquring the disorder. The Diabetes Philippines said one can count on the five fingers the prevention method: 1. Do not smoke, 2. Eat right, 3. Exercise, 4. Watch your weight, and 5, Relax. (Posted November 14, 2010)